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How to get thumb stick touch value or axis value?

I am trying to get thumb stick touch value or axis value, for example, RThumbstickUp/RThumbstickDown/RThumbstickLeft/RThumbstickRight.I tried below methods and it failed. var ctrlState = OVRPlugin.GetControllerState((uint)OVRPlugin.Controller.RTouch)...


I am being hacked and disabled;. I can provide proof I have purchased multiple Meta products including an Occulus Quest. It seems this is a big problem... with people even 2FA being hacked as well.

Pushing Apps Alpha/Beta Channels

I am trying to push my app to 4 headsets through the alpha channel. The users have accepted the invite that was sent to them. Some of the devices have received the app while some have not. I have unsubscribed them and subscribed them again, restarted...

Incorrect Oculus Monthly Statement

Hi, I receive, via email the monthly statements for the sale of our app and for the past two months the statement omits any payout amount. I need an accurate statement so that I can calculate the rev share for the artists we license music from.

my controllers are going insane and I don't know why

Today while playing robo recall that I had bought from a bundle I noticed I was teleporting randomly but just chalked it up to having sensitive joysticks. Then later while starting until you fall I noticed I was walking werid. So apparently my contro...

marara1 by Honored Guest
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No account able to get access to the Alpha channel.

There is no way we can get an account subscribed to the Alpha channel of our app after being subscribed to another app from the same organization (Us).The problem is that after sucesfully inviting the user and accepting the invitation despite of the ...

Helio06 by Honored Guest
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DLCs vs IAPs

Can someone provide some clarity on how Meta differentiates between DLCs and IAPs? I had always thought DLCs = expansion packs, extra levels, etc and IAPs were like in-game currency, skins, etc. However, the way Oculus' documentation describes it mak...

Oculus Pro Face and Eye tracking

Oculus eye and face tracking was implemented to the beta so as a result this post has been heavily edited. I appreciate the ability to do this and It shows that they are listening to the community of developers which I was losing hope on Oculus pc VR...

drfinch by Explorer
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Situation awareness

Hi developers,I have been requested to investigate how to change some settings in an Android App based on the user entering or exiting the boundary. Those settings are meant to modify the behaviour of a Bluetooth-connected headset.Could the Oculus se...

Not received June payout

Hi Everyone,I haven't received my payout or remittance report for June which should have come through at the end of last month. I'm above the threshold required to receive a payout. I have been round and round in circles with support (tickets, online...

TheUsual7 by Honored Guest
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