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Authorization on the website via Oculus.

Hi. We are creating a game on Unity, but we also have a website for this game, I am looking for an opportunity to implement authorization via Oculus on the site. Can you suggest possible libraries for NODE.js or React that allow you to do this?

RuChik152 by Honored Guest
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Love Echo

Adding my support for RAD and echo VR. THE game I play, but also a community that’s actually working in the metaverse. We’re all sad to see it go, and hope you let us know what’s coming next

Alburn_ by Honored Guest
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Echo Arena Shut down

Hey, Im blank56 aka domie. I've played Echo Arena for 3+ years and have made so many memories and friends on this game, it still is growing and the community is stronger then ever so why shut it down? There are many ways to make more profit off of it...

Blank56 by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

Quest Pro HSE1DevKit - ADB unauthorised

Hi guys,I'm trying to pair the controllers to the Quest Pro HSE1DevKit but it's proving impossible.Also, I tried to sideload new firmware to the controllers but I can't because they are unauthorized.adb: sideload connection failed: device unauthorize...

Mikoltxon by Honored Guest
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Get user Info from the app's backend service

Is there a way for the App's server to fetch Quest user ID based on the access token? The flow looks like this1. Client calls the backend with access token.2. Backend calls Quest API to fetch user ID, base on the access token.We don't want the client...

zzzuxy by Honored Guest
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MRC Quest Issue

Hello everyone, I am very new to all this, and hope you guys can help me out. The issue is: I am trying to setup the "Quest" with the MRC software and I am receiving an error when I hit "Calibrate Your Camera". The error is as follows "Quest Connecti...

FrankenX by Honored Guest
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Tablet casting causes a flashing gray box

I've been using my tablet to cast to my quest 2 with the oculus app perfectly fine for a while but for some reason when I cast now the screen goes gray and changes sizes constantly. Is this issue fixable? I am on a Galaxy a7 tab lite if that helps.

Hgdd_ by Honored Guest
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Meta Avatars (.obj / .fbx / .blend) files

Hi,I couldn't find any information about the 3D models of Meta Avatars that would allow me to modify them other than the Unity SDK. Is there any way to access these in one of the given formats (.obj, .fbx, or .blend)? Thanks! Mikey

Mikeyowhy by Honored Guest
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Which SDK? OpenXR Mobile SDK?

I'm an experienced C++ and Android developer, but new to graphics programming. But that should be OK as my UI needs are minimal.So, if I want to do development for the Meta headsets without the big game engines, it seems that the 'OpenXR Mobile SDK' ...

Renamer by Honored Guest
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app failing to load for a single user

Hi,We have been developing an app and have recently started alpha testing. Most of our testers are in the UK and the app has been running fine, however we have one tester in Bahrain who's app seems to stay on the loading screen (3 white dots) and it ...

Complexity jump

I was building a world and I was at 86% complexity. I then turned off my VR glasses to eat lunch, and when I went back on 45 minutes later, it was at 142%. Anyone else have that happen? I can’t finish my world now and it’s EXTREMELY frustrating.


Hey ever since messenger became a app itself it never works for me it always says something things wrong and I can't fix it

Meta Avatars networking rig error

Using Meta Avatars 2021.3.11f1 Up till the previous avatars package version, networking was working properly, now we're getting some avatar skeleton/rig error for the network players (see attachment). We're investigating on the erro...


Search on this website

When I enter a search term, could I have it search for the exact term I've typed in rather than having it swapped for a similar word out of a non-developers dictionary ?If I search for something that appeared in a quest2 log, "WarpSwapAddFenceJobs" ,...

Headset is softlocked

I had this problem a long time ago, but never resolved it because I didn't need to. Now that Meta requires me to add a device or whatever to my email, nothing works anymore.I log into my email through meta and says "Your account is already linked to ...

kkye777 by Honored Guest
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