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Sent to the home screen

I was in bingo yesterday and the entire world of people was sent to their Home Screen suddenly. We have to all log back in and it reset the world. Did anyone else experience this?

Oculus ID return 0 and Username is empty

Hello,We require to get the Display name and Username for unique identification of our devices as they are logged in with specific Oculus account. I have setup an account on Oculus developer dashboard as required as well as doing all the certificatio...

MariosZa by Honored Guest
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Error when submitting a user review

We've received reports from a few users who are encountering an error when trying to leave reviews on the Meta Store for Tribe XR. The error message they see is "We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again later." Interestingly, so...

OzanHas by Explorer
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Choosing VR Headset for a static experience

Hello, I've been tasked of making a VR application running on a PC connected to a VR headset. The VR headset of choice will be enclosed in a plastic shell that will block every camera and constrain it to only rotate around 2 axis and the headset will...

How to meet VR devs in real life?

I go to tech meetups in my city (Seattle) and I've never ever met a single person who's remotely adjacent to VR. I've tried making a meetup group but nobody really signed up. Maybe I can go to VR conferences but I have no idea how to find them.

Cannot change/edit Immersive Image Layer Assets

Hey everyone, we have a new VR game coming out and with this launch, we wanted to update our assets within the Metadata.For some strange reason we cannot find the current Immersive Image Assets, nor can we change/upload new assets specifically for th...

GBazzoni by Honored Guest
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Designated Photogrammetry App?

When you open up a mixed reality app on the Quest 3, it has you take a scan of your space so the game knows where to place things in the 'real world'. When I saw this happening for the first time I was mesmerized. The room I was in was very quickly t...

Meta XR All-In-One SDK Tutorial?

Coming from the Oculus Integration 57, The new Meta XR SDK is like starting completely over. Does anyone have a link to a nice tutorial on how to use the META XR All-In-One SDK?I don't even see the OVR Player Rig, custom hands just to name a few. Whe...

Can't sign up for company-developer account

Hi. I'm going to the account manager screen to set up a developer account and it gives me a CHOICE of options. Credit card OR two factor signin. I set up the two factor, and it is active and working - but can't past this screen or ever bring up the w...

dgrams by Honored Guest
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Good day,we are a smaller reseller of Meta products, I don't know exactly what the goal of your support is, but your support is completely inadequate, either in terms of speed of response or resolution of problems. We sell several brands and for exam...

Jarda7799 by Honored Guest
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Master Thesis (fake profile problematic)

Hello everyone,I'm a computer science student at the University of Namur (Belgium).During this academic year, I conducted a systematic literature review (SLR) on the issue of fake profiles (focused on detection systems).I would like to continue on th...

Single Fast switch LCD vs "2 x LCD" binocular?

So I've been trying to find information as to EXACTLY what this means. But I'm assuming one is a screen with essentially two holes in front of it to give the illusion of depth perception, while the other one is a screen for each eye? Is this somethin...

haaaw by Honored Guest
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MRUK not found despite it being created...?

I'm currently using Quest 3 v62 (now v63) and Unity 2022.3.10f1.Working on a random spawn mechanic in the MR environment where objects can spawn on the ceiling. The feature worked fine when I tested it on Unity Playtest, but once I built it on the st...

Jimmyd314 by Honored Guest
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Hello, I am working on a commercial application that would benefit greatly from being able to disable the Boundary guardian permanently while the application is running.Is there any information on how to get apps whitelisted for this feature when usi...

Atlatldev by Honored Guest
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Payout Account Tax Id Verification Error

For the last week or so, I get the error "Tax ID verification is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." when attempting to setup a payout account in the dev dashboard. This onlys happens for EINs, individual ids don't cause errors. In my c...

Quest pro eye tracking vergence

Hi all. I finally got Eye tracking to work on my unity project (after updating my developer account on the phone app). Now I'm rendering the gaze rays from my eyes and testing eye independence and vergence. In all of my testings the vergence is nearl...

Converting PWA App into Meta Quest APP

I have launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) for my website Then, using PWABuilder, I converted my app into an Android APP and launched the same on the Android Play Store which is live now. I also came across an option on PWABuilde...

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