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Current state of the native developer SDK?

I'm not clear on what the current state of the Oculus SDK is. I have read they switched over to OpenXR and discontinued the native SDK, but then I see documentation on a PC SDK here: imm...

Resolved! Oculus App Lab App Metadata Issue

Hello, I am trying to fill in my app metadata but whenever I put an image into any field that is above screenshots and I click save changes, all of the fields I filled images in disappears.

2023-11-10 16-54-07.gif

Impossible to verify developer account

Hi,I am trying to verify my developer account from It gives me 2 options, 1 add credit card, which I can do, and it very briefly changes the Add button to Verified, then changes back to Add again. Second option is to add 2FA, th...

feucht by Honored Guest
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Holy Moly: No internet = No cast

Very frustrated here. Helping new users get into VR at trade shows or high school job fairs is ridiculously hard. I'm able to cast the chromecast with an Internet connection.. But when I'm at trade shows or high school career fairs, I can't get an In...

Getting version of core apps

Hi,I'm currently trying to figure out how to list all versions of an Core App via the GraphQL Api (or some other api).I've found the app ids of the Core Apps (e. g. 519080484913803) However the normal requests you'd use for an app like Beat Saber (24...

Checking this first message of WhatsApp group

Hi, i'm jacob i want to share an idea to go to first message of WhatsApp group. I have some groups that have tons of important business data and its almost impossible to check previous messages. if devs can make a button to check starting messages or...

Account/Org Recovery

Hey! I made a Meta Quest Org for my game called Omny Tag and I had to delete it due to privacy reasons. However, this issue has now been resolved. What are the steps to recover my account/org?Regards@projectblazeadmin

3D Models of Meta Quest3 controllers

Hello, I have a game that was built for Quest 2 and I am now trying to make it also works on Quest 3.To update it for Quest 3 I need a 3d model of the Quest 3 controllers, does anyone have it? has it been released officially?Thanks!!

byronWu by Honored Guest
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Hello! I'm having trouble with user identification.

Authentification request sends Oculus User ID: 0 even though all permissions are valid in developer dashbpard. My code: using Oculus.Platform;using Oculus.Platform.Models;using UnityEngine;public class UserIdentification : MonoBehaviour{private void ...

Taivas by Protege
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Oculus Start Program not working.

Greetings, Hope everyone is doing well today. I am an aspiring VR Developer with a huge passion and drive. I am trying to sign up to the Oculus Start Program, but it doesn't seem to work. It asks me to select a program and the drop-down shows nothing...

OGDna by Honored Guest
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Build Support for OVR Lipsync in WebGL

Hello I was trying to build an application using OVR Lipsync in Unity, but it doesn't seem to work for WebGL build. Can someone guide me on how to add this functionality to compile this plugin for WebGL.Thanks.


Pardon for me if it might be a stupid question but i have no idea to fix it.I did add Oculus Sdk to android studio by this guide:, then it's find. But after a w...

Just lost

Hello everyone! I'm seeking advice from someone well-versed in using adb with Oculus apps. Specifically, I'd like to manage tasks such as initiating video recording, capturing photos, and other interesting functionalities. While I've gained some unde...

Disable Quest 3 boundary for MR apps

Hi, I have been messing around a big with creating an MR app with passthrough and the Scene API in UE5.2.1. One thing I have noticed is that even though the scene has been set up the user is still prompted to make a guardian when stepping outside the...

had2019 by Honored Guest
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VLC has no audio or sound on Meta Quest 3

Hi,I'm working on a project based on LibVLC and it's now live on the applab. My application works fine on other devices older than Quest 3. But on Quest 3 there's no sound at all with both my application and vlc-android. I don't know if there's a pro...