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App Lab Sales Reporting Timing

Hi Meta Community,Trying to figure out if sales in the Oculus Developer Dashboard are based on the date of the actual sale or if there is a delay.For example, if someone actually purchases an app on December 1st, 2022. Would this sale show up in dail...

Quest 2 not recodnize in Unity after Force Update

Oculus Quest 2 Version: 47Unity Version: 2021.3Windows 10Hello,Yesterday, when I have put my headset on my head, I saw a little Disk Icon and a loading bar. Then, the device restarted. It seems like it was a force update. Since that happened, Unity d...

wysi21 by Honored Guest
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Obtaining Hand Joint Angles

Hi I am new to development with the Meta Quest and was wondering if there is a way to retrieve joint angles for fingers when using hand tracking. I am using unity to develop and was wondering if this data is obtainable from the OVR Skeleton scripts.T...

hs36199 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Full body tracking through Oculus runtime?

I am building a VR installation that demands full body tracking. Currently it's built with Unreal Engine and uses Vive Trackers and an IK system for the MOCAP. However, I'm hoping to incorporate face and hand tracking from the Quest Pro, in combinati...

Resolved! Newbee Quest developer hardware questions

I have just recently purchased a new meta quest 2 256GB headset, and one of the things I wanted to do with it is to try my hand at developing software for it. But, I have a computer that is a bit older, although I feel it should be perfectly capable....

App Lab Submission

I got a review from Oculus reviewer saying i´m using a known IP, which i don´t.Is there any way to make the review process more friendly? why can´t we reach reviewers directly? as a developer i have to make and upload another version build just to wr...

Oculus IAP Issue, OrderID=0 Always!

Hey! I am facing an IAP Issue.When the tester try to test the Oculus IAP and complete the payment.They will receive the order record(with order id ) in the Oculus Order List at the also receive an email from Oc...

Floriisxx by Honored Guest
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Attempting to use federated access for multi platform

I'm trying to get a user to see if it exists using the end point'{app-id}/federated_user/'With an access_token query parameter added to it and persistent_id query parameter added to it, with the app-id replaced with the feder...

tom_fv by Honored Guest
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Is a Hand-Tracking-Only App Allowed?

In the submission dashboard it's not allowed to select hand-tracking only. One must check both touch-controller and hand-tracking. However in the project setting in Unreal Engine there's an option for Hand-tracking-only or Both. If memory serves, the...

Resolved! Causes and mitigations of judder

I'm encountering an issue where objects seem to jitter / flicker when I move. It's kind of like double vision. Or you could describe it as blurry edges. After googling I discovered that this is called judder. It happens more noticeably when I have a ...

Old app from Oculus not showing in Meta account

Hello everyone.I work for an Architectural firm I have created a couple of VR app to showcase projects with our clients, nothing too fancy nothing to sale, just show and tell internally, and placed on the oculus store for easy distribution between ou...

Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset. I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset. The results have been somewhat inconsistent. When paired properly, it should...

Power button too sensitive

It feels more like a touch sensor than an actual button. All the time, I grab the headset to adjust it and the slightest touch stops my game and takes me to a different screen of options. Most humans have the ability to press harder for an actual but...

Anistad by Honored Guest
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Too Much Shooting! How about REAL LIFE?

Too many of these games require me to shoot things, even racing! For crying outloud, why cant I JUST RACE? Nascar drivers don't go around making laps shooting at other drivers or coins. And when it comes to a lot of the shooting games, WHY 2 HANDS FO...

Anistad by Honored Guest
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Unity iOS build error with

Unity 2020.3, iOS build.Oculus Integration 46,XCode 14.iPhone 16.1I am trying to build a cross-platform app. The iOS build includes the Oculus library even though I don't use Oculus functions. In the iOS build, the misses +x attribut...

Rimag by Honored Guest
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Supported Currencies for In-App Purchases

Where can I find a full list of currencies that are supported by Quest for IAP? The docs state that "The IAP item will be converted to the local user’s preferred currency at the time of purchase" but I cannot find a list of:The supported currenciesTh...

vamorafa by Honored Guest
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