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Custom Oculus Home Lighting (and Blender 2.8)

I have been wrangling with a problem implementing emissive lighting on my textures in a custom home for the last week and am hoping someone can shed some light (pun intended). I have 'Oculus_Wall' type textures working well, reacting to the Internal ...

How to let our users know about our DLC?

We are releasing episodic content, which is purchasable as IAPs through the app itself. We launch a month or so ago with the first episode, and have now released the second episode, which users can buy through the menu inside the experience.However, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Question about Oculus Quest Development

I was wondering about this the developer documents for Quest go public, will Oculus still require developers to use the submission process in order to develop for th...

Ditching diffuse maps for performances

Hi guys!I'm part of a small dev team producing (and releasing in the next weeks) a game for Oculus, i thought that little article, even if really technical, might interest some of you. I'd be glad to get some feedback's or critics! Cheers!https://www...

questions about oculus quest

1. In the future, is it possible that Oculus will develop a product similar to HTC tracker?2. Whether the invisible positioning laser technology which is on the controller of the Oculus quest can be used on other products?3. Will the button agreement...

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Help Quest Set-Up

Got the Quest dev hardware. Thank you. Read the paperwork. Installed the App. App - Can only see the Go & Rift installation. Tried both, neither works.Headset - Can see the note to install the app and headset ID but can't progress.Tried both links fr...

Allack by Level 3
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Is there a way to disable Oculus Home autostarting?

During development, whenever I put on the HMD for testing, first I get an "empty compositor" that only shows the Oculus dashboard with Explore, Library, Store, Social and so forth. This also has "Home" and "Desktop" - so if I want to enter Home, I co...

jashan by Level 4
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Oculus Quest showing a noise/break up effect

Hey all, using the Oculus Quest and to be clear there's a bit of a break up visual effect that I'm not used to seeing. It seems to happen when interaction with the UI begins. Here's a video:

OculusGo Motion an orientation access

I have created many vr tours. Since yesterday all of a sudden there is a problem when I want to look at the tour in my OculusGo. The following message will be displayed:your devices motion and orientation access is disabled for this web page, please ...

Oculus at F8

F8 2019 kicks off in just a few minutes! Whether you're in attendance or watching live in or out of VR, we highlighted what you can experience related to Oculus at F8: Tune into the livestream at 10am Pacific Time: https://www...

Oculus go

Why isn't there a fan made for the Go? My friends and I are experiencing the same problem, within 20 minutes of being in the middle of a game or event; we are getting a system warning or over heating. How are you supposed to enjoy any thing if have t...

Intellectual Property Right Problem

Hello everyone,I am Yongbum Kim ( VR developer ).I want to upload my VR technical ideal to Youtube using Oculus CV1 & Optitrack system.As you know, CV1 is a commercial HMD of which Intellectual Property Rights belong to Oculus.I wonder if I should ge...

Problem Logging In to Oculus Developers

When trying to login with different account from the above site, I got a facebook link said "Sorry, something went wrong.We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."However, I still able to use my facebook account to login but I want to us...

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Running App in demo (kiosk) mode on Oculus Touch

My Unreal app, is in the Oculus library. I can start it from the library. Setting up Oculus demo mode, I can select the app from a list. But then if I exit the app, it is not in the demo library (the demo library is empty). So I can't go back to my a...

info-2 by Level 3
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RE: Oculus GO

Hello all,I have a few questions.1) We have created an App using unity and it is not supported with screencasting. Is there any way we can make it able to be screen casted? are there set criteria to use when creating apps to make them screen castable...

Vinhly by Level 2
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