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Jittering of Textures

I am trying to build a VR application using the native oculus sdk provided by meta in Vulkan. I am facing an issue with textures in the application. The Textures are flickering(more like jittering) at the edges. The jittering is more prominent inside...

n0ddy by Level 2
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Quest OS Version Numbers

Hi, We have some functionality in our application that is only supported in v49. We are able to determine the users System Version number (associated with the specific update) but are trying to determine which Version corresponds. Does anyone have ac...

version number conversions.png

Price Update -- Is it really this hard?

Hi All, I recently deployed my first app on App Lab. It was over-priced and now we desire a price change. Does anyone know the correct process for this? I've read "send an email to support" with some specific info. Done. Was told to "Create a New App...

MarkAK by Level 2
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Slow approval process?

I've submitted my app on the 2nd Jan for approval for the App Lab. Has anybody also experienced these delays? It should be approved within two weeks as far as I know. In the meantime I've imroved the app already and could directly submit a new versio...

Nintendo and Arcade Games

How do we request old-school Nintendo and Arcade games be added to the platform? I understand licenses have to be purchased. However, I am not a child, and I'm not too fond of sports, killer solider, dead, or racing cars. I would love games to play f...

Distance Grabbed Object Jitter

Hi All, I am using DistanceGrab sample scene from Oculus Integration version 42.0. After the cube is grabbed and the player moves, there is a jitter of the grabbed object (video attached). How can I resolve this? There was a similar post earlier, but...

Cannot Create a Meta for Developers account

I opened a case, 6774076, with Meta support and they directed me to these forums and closed the ticket. Although, the case is not resolved. On page , Contact info, Error: "Email cannot be sen...

Unity Sync Meta Avatar with Hand controller

Hello, I am using the OVR Player controller with OVR Hands, tracked by the device controller, not by the hand tracking system.As next step, I add the new meta avatar below the OVR Player controller (exactly below the TrackingSpace transform), keeping...

Authorization on the website via Oculus.

Hi. We are creating a game on Unity, but we also have a website for this game, I am looking for an opportunity to implement authorization via Oculus on the site. Can you suggest possible libraries for NODE.js or React that allow you to do this?

Quest pro controllers are total bull**bleep**?

What the #@%& is going on here. I still have to play on my quest one because tracking is so bad on the quest pro that makes games unplayable. I read alot people complaining about the same issue. Like meta released a headset for 1500$ without even tes...

Love Echo

Adding my support for RAD and echo VR. THE game I play, but also a community that’s actually working in the metaverse. We’re all sad to see it go, and hope you let us know what’s coming next

Alburn_ by Level 2
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Echo Arena Shut down

Hey, Im blank56 aka domie. I've played Echo Arena for 3+ years and have made so many memories and friends on this game, it still is growing and the community is stronger then ever so why shut it down? There are many ways to make more profit off of it...

Blank56 by Level 2
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Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

Quest Pro HSE1DevKit - ADB unauthorised

Hi guys,I'm trying to pair the controllers to the Quest Pro HSE1DevKit but it's proving impossible.Also, I tried to sideload new firmware to the controllers but I can't because they are unauthorized.adb: sideload connection failed: device unauthorize...