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Quest 2

Hi. I cannot enable developer mode. I did all the steps 1) created an organization 2) went through the verification of my account via SMS.In the mobile application, when you press the developer mode, it redirects to the

Powergena by Honored Guest
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Developer Wanted

I worked on the team that developed a VR game console prototype for Hasbro Toys in 1986. I also produced software titles from 1978 to 1998 as the software VP for DataSoft, DataMost and New Product Director for ICOM Simulations.I have a design fora ve...

The1Gary by Honored Guest
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Starting VR Development at a school

Hello there to you all!I work at a technical and vocational school which provides courses in the area of Videogames and we intend to acquire 2 Oculus Quest 2 for development purposes. For the moment I have questions regarding on the account(s) needed...

alexnunof by Honored Guest
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Where do I start?

Couldn't find a thread that had a guide of where to startQuestion:What languages should I learn to program for oculus and the metaverse?Where are good resources to start?

Developer mode permissions

I am brand new to the Occulus quest 2. Our school purchased some that are checked out like books to students. Recently a student asked if we could switch one of the four we check out (that are all logged into our schools FB account!) to developer mod...

Reed-PARC by Honored Guest
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ovr camera rig not working

I wanted to use hand tracking in VR using oculus quest 2.When I connect the VR headset using XR rig camera, it worked fine. But it is not working when I use OVRCameraRig.When I hit the play button, nothing is playing in my oculus headset, but there a...

Research on body motion data storage technology

========= Research subject =========○ AI-based dance motion feedback using XR devices - Development of motion video recording technology using smartphone camera - Save the video itself in video format - Save the outline data of the motion using OpenC...

Auto startup app on oculus go

Hi, i need to develop an app for a museum with oculus go. I need to automatically start my application at 9:00 am at every day.In a previous version with Gear 360 i do that creating a service apk that runs my apk. Than my app uses a server-client pro...

kibit85 by Honored Guest
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how to enable ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION on my app

Hi, I have an app that connects to a BLE Speed Sensor, but in order to do so I need to have "android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" enabled. In my previous build I had it declared in my AndroidManifest.xml and was able to publish it without trouble...

Oroitech by Honored Guest
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Loading Personalized Avatars script error

I am following the documentation of the Avatar Developer Guide at Under loading personalized avatar, we are supposed to save a script call 'filename.cs'.however the script text ga...

Hook up Google Analytics to Store Pages

Hi all,I'm looking to get better feedback on where traffic on our product pages comes from. I was unable to find a spot on the dashboard to hook up Google Analytics, and the categories of data provided don't have anything to do with page traffic.1) I...

How can oculus app get the screen one eye sees?

Hi.I want to get(cast) the screen that one eye sees. When I use scrcpy, I need to crop the streaming video to get one of them.(If I don't use any option, I get screens that each of them is seen by right and left) However, I don't need to do that when...

209_999_2-1629354996703.png 209_999_0-1629354923207.png
209_999 by Explorer
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Accessing Video-Passthrough

Are there any plans on letting Devs access the Quest's Video-Passthrough capabilities via SDK? I'd love to mess around with AR / MR Applications. I know that this is possible on the Vive Pro utilizing the SRWorks SDK but that requires to be wired. Ha...

Bone Rotations to Joint Angles

I would like to know what would be the best approach to converting bone rotations (quaternions) to joint angles (ideally a single angle value based on the axis of rotation for the joint rather than euler angles). Currently, I have data from a Quest 2...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Issues while developing for Oculus Go

Hi All!I'm working on a mac, trying to build a game for oculus go using Unity. My phone runs Android.I've gone through the tutorial provded ('m able to run the game on my mac using th...

justme93 by Honored Guest
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Latest Oculus Integration not available in Archive

Hello world!Why is the latest Oculus Integration Package v29.0 from May 2021 not available for download on the Oculus Archive page?I want to upgrade my Unity package but importing via Unity Asset Store is not an option (as the project was started via...

muhr2 by Explorer
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