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Uploading Application

Hey, So I was just developing an Application where people can buy land ..Build their Castles and attack on other's castles as well..!! but to purhcase land and sell and allias they need to buy materials from my shop inside quest using crypto coins an...

New to the Forum

Hello!I'm new here and not quite sure how this works. I have a NEW Game idea. I have creative ideas and do NOT have the tech skills. How does that work? How do I propose it?Thanks!Jenn

Multiple Devices

We can no longer play multiplayer games on same account anymore with different headsets. we have 3 oculus quest 2 two signed into main account one signed into secondary account whenever the two main accounts try playing a multiplayer game like cookou...

Professional narration for Oculus

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I am a professional voice talent seeking to narrate for OCULUS. Saying that, would someone be willing to direct me to a source that seeks voice talent for OCULUS?Thank you, Tim Miller Voiceovers, LLC.I am a professional voi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Left controller wont pair to headset

My left controller won't pair to my headset on the app on my phone my right controller works just fine but yet my left won't does anybody know a solution to this problem please I want to go back to a VR content creator but it's hard to do it without ...

Using Quest 2 with classified contend

I am looking for developers to develop the ability to protect the content and disable Wi-Fi for classified project. Users should be allowed to use certain apps only with password and files should be protected for side downloads.

VivenTec by Honored Guest
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The controllers need straps

I think that Oculus should make controllers that have straps on the back. If I could strap it in around the back of my hand or something then I could throw things a lot harder. I have a hard time throwing things because I'm afraid I'm going to throw ...

curtmos by Honored Guest
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Setting up user created Avatars with 2.0

I was wondering if anyone has any luck getting the new Avatar 2.0 system set up with your custom avatar? I've got it all working with the presets but don't really understand how to set it up so I can load my custom avatar.

DaWeege by Explorer
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Quest not starting up

Morning,I happen to have the Quest1 and the Quest2, but my quest when I started up I can see the "O" and it goes thru the POST process but then it turns it self off....Can anybody tell me why this is happening and what I can do? thank you

Need help with MRC

Hello fellow Oculus users, developers, and fans. I need some help, and if you guys have any ideas on how to fix this problem, I would love it if you shared them. So, here's the problem: I have an Oculus Quest 1 and I am unable to get any version of t...

FE59 by Honored Guest
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I have an issue with oculus developer hub. I’m using this to cast content from my oculus quest 2. It was working with no issues until I get last update of developer hub. Now it sees quest 2, shows Active status, but after I start casting it shows som...

Oculus & type-1 diabetes

Not sure if this area is a proper place to offer development suggestions. If not, someone please guide me. I am very new to my Oculus 2 and this is my first post. I have had type-1 diabetes since 1985. I use a continuous glucose meter (CGM) to measur...

Oculus Rift Sensor not detected

Hello, I cant find the sensors, neither on the device manager nor the Oculus app.Iam absolutely clueless. * I use powered USB 3.0 Hub* one does partly work when not fully plugged in the port( but appears as 2.0)* the headset worksfine, just the senso...

Oculus install and SCCM

Morning all, Does anyone have any experience of or links to how to conduct an SCCM install of Oculus on Windows 10? I need to know if there is a way to deploy Oculus to a number of machines remotely using SCCM and not require any interaction from the...

Voice control

hiI live in Australia and am a quadriplegic and am able to use the buttons i was wondering when voice control will be expanded to Australia thanks

Unable to complete device setup on any platform

Hello For months I used developer mode to connect via USB and browse files or manage applications. As of two days ago when connecting the headset to a computer the system would detect the USB device but the oculus app, ODH, and sidequest all will not...

level4 by Honored Guest
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USB debugging mobile to oculus

Hi all,For the life of me I cannot get sidequest to connect to my headset.I’ve literally tried everything possible.I use a Samsung s7 tried multiple cables and adapters.I never get the debug pop up. Developer mode is on,verified cables and adapters h...

JS game for oculus store

Hi,I wondered if there is way to develop a game in javascript, create an APK out of it (with or without PWA),and submit it to the store.what I'm not sure about is that all i can find about PWA is for displaying a 2D website on oculus, but i want a 3D...

erezavi by Honored Guest
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Horizon Workrooms API: create a room

Good morning,sorry for my silly question, but I'm pretty new.I would like to create a Horizon Workroom programmatically. Is it possible?Can I call an API to create a room from another application?Thank you

ddelfio by Protege
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