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OvrAvatarPacket size

Hi, I began using the Avatar SDK and I'm sending OvrAvatarPackets accross the network.I noticed that this packet size is sometime reaching 340+ bytes... With the recommended 1200bytes per-packet limit how can, let's say a 4 players game, with others ...


Hello, I have a question about installing add-on. I wonder if it is possible to install an add-on (patch) to the game downloaded from the Oculus store. Add-on would be downloaded from our site directly, not from oculus store. Is this possible or does...

Alpha Channel

Hi, I published an app in the alpha channel and invited a test client. The test client got the invite mail and sees the app in her oculus account, but not on her Quest 1. There is no app in the section "Not installed". On my Quest 2 everything is wor...

ireneRK by Honored Guest
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Using the Quest 2 as a Video source on your pc

I like many people have recently gotten a Quest 2 as well as a Link cable, on its own the Quest has the ability to record, stream and cast its content wirelessly. However due to potential unreliability's with wireless streaming or casting I was wonde...

how can I delete my development account ?

I think I have set this up wrong as my dashboard looks different to my sister's dashboard. On her headset she has a friend list on the right hand side and a few other options on the left side of the main window that I don't have. When I try to remove...


Render to only one eye

Hello, I'm after a bit of information about who I should try contacting regarding making VR less GPU wasteful for my particular situation.I'm blind in my right eye so I was hoping that there could be a driver level option maybe that would allow users...

korriss by Honored Guest
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Frame rate 90 FPS issue

Hello!I've got some feedback requiring our game to perform at 90 fps on Rift and 80 fps on Rift S; Is it required to perform at this level for all quality settings?The graphics options in the game enable the player to choose between different graphic...

MalboM by Honored Guest
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Viewing project in Quest 2 headset

I aware that you can test in your game in a Quest 2 head set by doing a build and run in build settings. However, I've seen people on you tube test their game on there hed set by pressing play while the headset is connected to the device. How can I d...

Unknown Sources and Casting

We are developing a non-distributed app that will only be installed locally on an Oculus Go. We want to cast this app but are unable to because the app resides in the "Unknown Sources" tab which makes the casting feature unusable. How can this be acc...

Geomedia by Explorer
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Any good experiences with Fixed Foveated Rendering?

Has anyone had a good experiences with Fixed Foveated Rendering? I have tried to enable it from time to time but has always disabled it in the end.First times i tested it I got color issues. The parts with lower resolution got brighter so you could b...

mastd by Honored Guest
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Application ID

I want to develop an app on Unity, and it requires an Application IDNow I don't have one, but it seems I need to fill out a store application with a pitch and all to get oneThing is, I'm doing this to PRACTICE my coding, not so much to PUBLISH right ...

Oculus Integration package

I would REALLY like to see this package broken up into TWO packages:1. Core package2. Samples/ExamplesThat said, in the interim, what is the MINIMUM I need to import to get a rig and hand/hand controllers working w/distance grab and teleport?