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Dash Encountered a Fatal Error

I've been doing VR development for a number of months now. Tonight when I went to launch Quest Link, I got the following error message: Fatal ErrorDash encountered a fatal error. Please reload dash to continue. Press any button to reload Dash. I have...

Age requirement for beta invitations

I verified my age like 6 months ago (Im 16), and now it has become impossible for me to test my own apps OR my friends game. This is strange because his game is rated teen, but it blocks me and says I need to be 18??? Need help figuring this out sinc...

kart by Honored Guest
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Normal Maps Rendered Per Eye

I have a question that may seem stupid to some of you. It’s generally accepted that normal maps don’t work in VR except for minute details because we have a stereoscopic view in VR. But can’t we make a shader that calculates what a normal map does to...

dxter by Honored Guest
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Set HDR enabled/disabled at runtime?

Passthrough still won't works (black screen) if HDR is enabled in the render pipeline asset settings,so I must build the project with HDR disabled.How can I activate HDR when the passthrough stage is done to get post processing effects on ?Actually I...

Developer Account - SMS Verification Issue

Hi. I can't receive the verification code through message for validation of developer account. This is although I have tried different numbers and have waited more than one day. I am in Portugal and using a Portuguese phone number. Any help would be ...

DarqXR by Honored Guest
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Issues with IAP.

I have a script that handles IAP purchasesThe button works when I press it, the SKU is set the "menu" and so is an item in meta named "menu".there is also an item named "menu" in playfab and in unity and in the "special items" section.After the purch...

NFlex by Honored Guest
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virtual desktop + voicemeeter?

i cant get it to work, ive tried all the tutorials on youtube, and ive enabled voicemeeter mode on virtual desktop streamer but i cant get music playing through my microphone. i dont want to go back to quest link because its so bad, but i really want...

antarish4 by Honored Guest
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Any ideas on how to fix my tracking?

My tracking has gotten significantly worse over the past 2 days for the Quest 3, I keep my controllers directly in front of the headset, but barely any movement causes it to screw up. I have great conditions, full batteries for both controllers, real...

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