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Building for Quest 3 only - App Lab requirement

HiI am developing my app to run on Quest 3. I cannot guarantee it runs on earlier versions (Q1 or Q2) but I don't understand the logic. If a developer has to make the app work on older headsets then what is the point if it cannot benefit from the lat...

PWA on Quest

I've been experimenting a bit with PWAs and tried to build and install one on my Quest. I notice some posts here with questions (about failures when following the docs) and I'm guessing the same will happen to me. So far I've tried several utilities ...

360 Images Resolution, format and viewer

Hello there!I have looked around for quite a while but I couldn't find an answer. There are similar topics but they are old or unresolved... Sorry for bothering you again with this...What is the maximum resolution for a 360 spherical equirectangular ...

Flipzo_Z by Honored Guest
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Ping data overlay

Hi.Fairly new to development and I am stuck with a project.I am trying to develop a program that displays Network information to the user (ping, jitter, packet loss etc.) . I would like this to be able to run over any 3d application in real time Simi...

Unable to travel

I created a bot to play music in my world. I first tried my not-so-great desktop with 8G RAM and oculus desktop yet horizon runs fine. I can travel to worlds without a problem. My issue was that my music buffered too much with my desktop so then I in...

ReeLiveDJ by Honored Guest
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Meta Store Policy

hello everyone, I have one question related to the meta-store policy: I have built one application in Unity, and I want to upload it to the Meta Store. My application contains: using my application, users download many other applications and install ...

Oculus quest go 2 design thoughts

Question about the Oculus Go, I have a injury and I really can't play meta Oculus 2 or do the thing with the three the hand gestures, due to my shoulder, can you guys create a metaquest go that incorporates you know that one controller, you could als...

ASTA_AKI by Honored Guest
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Unreal Engine or Godot?

I am currently working on a retro, ps1/SNES style VR looter shooter (R/EclipseOfCivilization if interested.) and am curious if I should sketch from godot to UE5. I am very early in development, barely made any gameplay, aside from modeling and grabab...

khogak4 by Honored Guest
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Passthrough and hand tracking, hand size

Hi,I managed to use both hand tracking and passthrough with new Unity2021.2.5, OculusXR plugin 1.11.0, XR Plugin Management 4.2.0. But the hands are smaller then my own hands. OVR Custom Skelteon script with update root scale seams to do nothing.Is ...

kshaja by Explorer
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How to verify a webhook request sign

I have successfully set up and verified a webhook endpoint as described in the docs, but upon receiving Event Notification requests, I am stuck at the step of validating the payload. The documentation says the process is as follows (source):We sign a...

pichiste by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Animating Quill Brush Strokes like Dear Angelica

I'm interested in how to make a VR short similar to "Dear Angelica." DA was done in Quill (and it sounds like Quill was created for it originally), but that's about all I know about the process. I'm still unfamiliar with Quill, but I didn't see a way...

Can't Verify Oculus Developer Account

Hello! I can't seem to verify my account to become a developer. I have tried adding an authenticator (which adds successfully) and adding a phone number (verification text never comes through, tried on Chrome and Edge). Either way when I attempt to a...

Loki_05 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Release Channel (Production (App Lab)) does not exist

I tried to upload a new build for my app through the Meta Quest Devloper Hub. All the previous versions are in Release Channel Production (App Lab), but when I select this during the upload and then submit, I get the error message that this channel d...

jboss by Protege
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Cast Android phone into Meta Quest 3 VR

I want to fly my drone with Meta Quest 3! Casting my phone "into" MQ3 screen would allow me to see the drone camera and at the same time allow me to see the drone with passthrough. FYI, this can be done with Apple VP. It would also be cool just to us...

Is there a way to access the photos taken on oculus

I am currently working on the very first implementation for my research project. I want to sync my photos taken on oculus to the cloud and access those photos through python on my PC. I am assuming that the syncing part is taken care of automatically...

Badends by Honored Guest
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Meta Avatars: how to feed custom input?

Hi, I'm prototyping with the new Meta Avatars system and am using the SampleAvatarEntity script to instantiate fake avatars. I'd like to replay head pose, controller states, and/or hand states (positions) in order to drive these avatars from pre-reco...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Which VR headset has the highest FoV?

When I got my first VR headset, it was the meta quest 2, and having pretty much no experience with VR, I expected the FoV to be as big as the human eye's FoV. When I put the headset on, I felt a huge disappointment, as I looked at a screen with black...

mannap36 by Honored Guest
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