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Preview Apps Not Appearing

I recently got an invite email from my employer to install a pre-release version of a game we're working on. I clicked the link in the email, which took me to a login page. Upon logging in, I was taken to a page that said "Congrats! You can now find ...

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Sciion by Level 3
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Oculus SSO 404 Page not found

Hello, I'm trying to implement SSO for the web page of our quest2 game but I keep getting a Page Not Found error when I try to access with my redirect uri and organization id anybody else having this issue? or what am I m...

Spaceship Bridge Simulator-Custom Workrooms

I am a school teacher who uses a spaceship bridge sim and looking to take it into VR but I need to find a developer who can design a Workroom room that looks like a spaceship bridge. I am not sure if Meta allows custom Workrooms, but if so, and you h...

Holy Moly: No internet = No cast

Very frustrated here. Helping new users get into VR at trade shows or high school job fairs is ridiculously hard. I'm able to cast the chromecast with an Internet connection.. But when I'm at trade shows or high school career fairs, I can't get an In...

Oculus Pro Face and Eye tracking

Oculus eye and face tracking was implemented to the beta so as a result this post has been heavily edited. I appreciate the ability to do this and It shows that they are listening to the community of developers which I was losing hope on Oculus pc VR...

drfinch by Level 3
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Question about the Rooms and P2P API deprecation

Hello, We are currently developing an application for a customer that uses the Rooms, P2P and matchmaking APIs. We would like to distribute this application to the customer via the RC channel (not the Production one).Unfortunately, we have noticed th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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2D App and Passthrough Issues Since v44 & v46

Since the v44 update, I have experienced repeated frame-dropping after several minutes of using the Passthrough environment. By frame-dropping, I mean the real-world view chops around at maybe a couple of frames per second. This occurs most frequentl...

I want to stop selling my game and delete it.

Hi.My name is David from Studio HG.I want to stop selling my game and delete it. My games are no longer on sale and now I belong to another company, which could be a problem. Can I delete both of these games?It cannot be deleted because it says it ca...

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hanguny by Level 2
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Control movement of avatar using GPS data

I have an event which is both in horizons and at a physical venue. If I create a duplicate of the venue in Horizon world's could I track visitors phone GPS locations or give them trackable wristbands, then communicate this location data into Horizon ...

OQ2 in school, all levels

VR in schools is an important educational step. Meta/Oculus need to provide a way to handle this situation better than the business accounts. My suggestion: allow the creation of ONE FB-account for a large number (35, like a large class?) and charge ...

korre22 by Level 2
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Require Latest Update

Hey everyone,Is there a setting I can turn on somewhere to require users to update the app to the latest store version before using it? Obviously, I could create a custom solution for this but wanted to ask before diving into that.

OVR Platform Util Weird Error

Hi guys, When i run "[...]\Assets\Oculus\VR\Editor\Tools>ovr-platform-util help", i get the following error: node:fs:585handleErrorFromBinding(ctx);^Error: UNKNOWN: unknown error, open 'D:\full-fbsource\arvr\js\node_modules\yargs\locales\en.json'←[90...

Oculus Developer account manager

Sorry for bringing this here. I would really appreciate someone from Oculus team to reach out to to touch base and provide Oculus store support. We can't do much with our current manager K. Any help would be highly appreciated.