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developer mode

Level 2

can someone help me i need help to activate developer mode for my quest 2 but i just don't know


Where have you looked? The very simplest of Google searches brings up quite comprehensive instructions 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi shaymen! We'd be happy to provide the steps to activate developer mode on your Quest 2. From your paired phone, in the companion app: Click headset > more settings > Developer mode


For more information on developer mode, please visit our Oculus for Developers site. 😁👍


Hello Oculus Support - what about from the Oculus PC app not phone?

Hey! I can't enable "Dev Mode", I click Developer Dashboard on the instructions. And it takes me to Account Manager and it never says "Create Organization". And I try to click "Select Organization" but its always blocked. Please make it easier and please fix this.

Level 3

It never says Create organizaiton.

Level 3

And it always says verify when I already verifed my account.

What do I need to do when verification process doesn't work? I've setup 2-factors authenticator. Phone activation doesn't work because your SMS service doesn't work.

The same account has been a verified developer 3 months ago.