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how to enable ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION on my app

Honored Guest

Hi, I have an app that connects to a BLE Speed Sensor, but in order to do so I need to have "android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" enabled.


In my previous build I had it declared in my AndroidManifest.xml and was able to publish it without trouble but now the Oculus Developer Dashboard won't let me add this permission this way anymore.


The alternative seems to be using Unity's Permission.RequestUserPermission(Permission.FineLocation); but this doesn't pop up any permission requests and therefore my app throws an error stating that it does not have the aforementioned permission.


Is there a workaround? I've searched the internet but the only solution mentioned was downgrading the Oculus XR Plugin version, which does not seem to be an option anymore for this scenario.


Oculus Staff

Hi Oroitech,

  This may not be the best forum for this answer. Consider trying Unity, General, or Quest development. Also keep in mind that ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is a prohibited permission for submission (if that's your plan).