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Honored Guest

Good day,

we are a smaller reseller of Meta products, I don't know exactly what the goal of your support is, but your support is completely inadequate, either in terms of speed of response or resolution of problems. We sell several brands and for example Philips, DJI or GoPro have first-class support, not only can they communicate with us and answer questions in a timely manner, but above all they manage to take care of their products when they show a defect. A huge plus for these brands is that they can resolve the complaint within 30 days, which we cannot say in your case. Not only is there a long wait for any response from you, sometimes it even happens that you don't respond at all, it is beyond our power to send you the product, I feel that you are deliberately throwing sticks under our feet. It is sad that it is more profitable for us to send the product to our supplier, so we have to solve the complaint in a longer way due to the inability of Meta support.
I advise you not to write to us anymore about how we are doing, unless you improve your approach and the support becomes more effective both for the end customer and for the entrepreneur.
Best regards