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v63 - The wireless ADB debugging prompt shows a black screen.

Expert Protege



Two tickets were opened here :

and here

But I was asked to post this here.

To resume :

On Q2, Qpro and Q3 (v62, v63) when the authorize WiFi debugging through adb prompt shows up, the Quest will first enter a black screen state. Then, we must click the home button on the right controller to make this window show. If I do not click the home button, it will remain in a black screen state.

USB debugging prompt had same problem on v62 but it has been fixed on v63 thank to the new look/UI of the prompt. But the wireless debugging prompt have not been updated and still run into this problem.

To fix the problem, Meta developers should update the wireless debugging prompt to the new look/UI.

2024-03-21 08_39_39-PTC v63 - The wireless debugging prompt does not a... - Meta Community Forums - .jpg