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will owned SKUs stay purchased after a subscription ends?


Hey there!


context: we are currently preparing to launch a subscription for our game. We already have a bunch of DLC / Add-Ons available as durable one time purchase items. The subscription will be an alternative way to unlock access to the entire library of add-ons. We will still continue to offer single purchases though.


Question: We wanted to double check the following behaviour: if a user purchases and owns an Add-On SKU, then subscribes to get access to the rest of the Add-Ons and then at some point cancels the subscription again, will they still own the initially purchased Add-On?

This seems like pretty straight forward, expected behaviour, however when querying some of the SDK functions to get the purchases even SKUs that were purchased regularly suddenly had an expiration date assigned to them.


We just want to make sure players don't lose access to purchased Add-Ons / SKUs when the subscription ends as this is something we can't easily test with test users (would have to wait until the end of the subscription period...)


All the best,