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3rd headset stuck on O screen

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I just recieved this headset from amazon less then a week ago. It was working just fine, I just played 30 minutes of beat saber. Picked the thing up to play it again and the O logo fading in and out is now stuck on the screen. Its currently not connected to the internet, so it wasnt taking an update. The app will not find it, it wont connect to the hotspot on my phone that i use to dl games or update it. This is the 5th headset ive had that just stopped working. Im sitting here starring at the 64g that just returned under warranty that will not pair with any device. I have $600 worth of useless quests. Id really like an explanation as to why this keeps happening. The 64 that i rma'd did the same exact thing as this is now doing. I am beyond frustrated with this. 


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Id like to add this is my 5th headset that stopped working. 1 the screen would go black after a minute like the proximity sensor stopped working or something. None of the tricks online would fix it, the 2nd one would show 3 dots and nothing else. 

dude, I had same issue with my old one. It just had O fade in and out when I turned it on and I thought it was prox censor as well. Never figured it out . Finally after months I got a new one and have only played 2 days and boom, same thing as before. Only difference is now instead of O its the Meta infinity logo.  

S Eric Townsend