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4060ti is not compat with oculus


when i launch the app it says my pc doesn't meet the requirements . my specs are ryzen  7 5700x and a 4060ti with 32gb of ddr4 


I'm running a Rift CV1 with 4 sensors and touch controllers and I'm getting the same problem (a lot of instability when running any game)

PC Specs:

i9 11900KF

MSI 4060Ti (8GB)

48GB of RAM (3600Mhz)


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Same issue here it meets way above minimum spec the 4060ti just has not been tested or given an update on oculus end because the gpu itself will run it no problem. But compatibility is the core issue, an issue Meta/oculus must fix not Nvidia. 

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I have the same problem. While there were remnants of drivers from my old AMD video card (RX 480 - 8Gb), it worked, albeit with some crash, and now it doesn't want to. It says a problem with the drivers or it is not compatible. I'm with Gigabyte VGA GeForce RTX 4060 Windforce OC 8 GB, i3-12100F, 32GB RAM DDR4.

With the latest drivers as of December 12th from Nvidia's site it is now working.

Hey @35.O.Rhodes! Performance issues can definitely be a big demotivator when trying to do some PCVR gaming, so we'd love to help out! When launching the Oculus PC app, are you getting an error page stating your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, or is it the red warning banner at the top of the page? If you see the red banner at the top giving a warning, you should still be able to launch and play any games or apps just fine. The importance would be to monitor your performance to review if your application is running poorer than the expected performance.


If you're experiencing poor performance, or if you cannot get passed the full error page for minimum specifications, its possible that the Oculus PC app might be using Intel or AMD integrated graphics, causing poor performance and compatibility issues.


In that case, we recommend making sure your Oculus PC app is using the right GPU. You can use Windows to manually assign which GPU is used by a specific process. To do so:

  1. Close the Oculus Desktop software
  2. Open Windows Settings > System > Display > Graphics Settings
  3. Select Classic App from the drop down and click Browse
  4. Select the OculusClient.exe
    (By default, this will be installed C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-client\OculusClient.exe)
  5. Click Options > High Performance > Save
    Ensure the "High Performance" option has your dedicated graphics at the top of this menu.

Generally, for iGPUs, we recommend not to disable them outright, as this can have other side effects on your system outside of the Oculus environment such as reduced battery life, loss of visuals, etc.


Let us know if that works out for you at all, and we'll be happy to help out more!

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Hey again, @35.O.Rhodes! Just checking back in to see if you were still having performance issues or incompatibility error messages when using the Oculus PC app. We'd love to hear how manually assigning the GPU worked out.

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I want to clarify that it's not a GPU issue. If you've read my previous comment thoroughly, you'd know it's an Oculus issue rather than a GPU problem. I don't have an IGPU in my PC; I'm using a dedicated 4060TI. However, Meta (your company) hasn't properly optimized it yet. My new GPU is better than my last one. The problem lies in the Rift S software not being updated, causing these issues.

Sorry, but I must have missed it. In principle, I also use Google Translate because I don't speak English. It is true that there are problems on their end, and not only for this, but also for the purpose of forcing people to buy their new helmet. We no longer have homes for quite some time if we are wearing an old model helmet. I want to buy the new one, but I don't have the financial possibility because in my country and the helmets have a rather high markup, with some buyers it reaches 100%. Alas Oculus/Facebook does not ship to my country.

Hello again @35.O.Rhodes! We absolutely adore receiving suggestions from our community! Although we can't make any promises, numerous ideas shared in the Ideas Forums have been incorporated into later updates. Don't hesitate to share any ideas you may have for enhancing the Rift S software over there!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

It's still an issue, I just discovered this wonderful waste of time today.

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