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44 Days and Counting: My Quest Pro Support Nightmare with Meta


Hi everyone and @MetaQuestSupport,

I’m writing this post to share my incredibly frustrating experience with Meta's support regarding a defective Quest Pro headset, and to seek advice and support from the community. I have been playing cat and mouse with support for almost a month and a half, this is not okay anymore. What happened?

Timeline of Events:

3rd May 2024: I reached out to Meta Store Support regarding an issue with the face tracking on my Quest Pro headset. The issue, which occurred after normal use, caused the mouth and eye tracking to glitch, rendering the face tracking feature unusable. I promptly provided all necessary details and a video demonstrating the problem.

5th May 2024: Meta responded and confirmed that my case was being escalated to a higher support team. Despite this, no concrete solution was provided, and I was left waiting.

11th May 2024: After not receiving any updates, I followed up. Still, no resolution was provided, only assurances that the issue was being investigated.

17th May 2024: Another representative contacted me, stating that the specialized team was still looking into my case, but no progress was made.

22nd May 2024: Yet another follow-up from a different support representative, again with no concrete resolution, just more waiting.

29th May 2024: Having lost patience, I demanded a replacement for my defective headset, as I am still within the warranty period. Despite my clear request, no action was taken.

7th June 2024: After nine more days without a response, I reiterated my demand for either a replacement or a full refund. I also mentioned my intention to contact the Norwegian Consumer Council if my consumer rights continued to be ignored.

Today. 15th June 2024:It has now been 44 days since I first contacted Meta support, and I still do not have a resolution. This situation should have been resolved in a day with a simple RMA for my defective headset. Instead, I have been left waiting with no clear answers or solutions. Completely abandoned and seemingly ignored of my consumer rights.

Summary of Issues:

  1. Lack of Response: Meta support has repeatedly failed to provide timely and actionable responses to my issue. Not even bothering to give me an update that the case is still being looked into. Even letting the 9 day ticket inactivity timer pass so that I am left wondering if the case is still open or not.
  2. No Resolution: Despite multiple follow-ups and clear documentation of the defect, Meta has not issued a replacement or a refund. My headset is still within warranty until "Thursday, 17th of April 2025" as stated in the orders page of Metas website.
  3. Poor Communication: There have been inconsistencies and delays in communication, with different representatives giving vague updates and no clear path to resolution. Even mentioning that their colleague that is looking into my case, is out of office. But then why are I not being transferred to someone else?

I paid $1400 for this headset, and it’s unacceptable to be left in the dark for over a month without a solution. Meta’s support should be capable of handling such cases more efficiently, especially considering the premium price of their products. I have lost all trust in Meta.

Call to Action:

I’m sharing this here in hopes of getting Meta's attention and to warn others about the potential difficulties in dealing with their support. If anyone has suggestions or similar experiences, I would greatly appreciate your input. Additionally, any advice on escalating this issue further would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Luna S.



Before any Meta Support agent tells me to directly messaging them so I can start a new ticket.

Please do not tell me that, because I started a ticked on the 8th of June after not receiving any response on my last one. And I am yet to get a reply for that ticket, so I do not believe directly messaging and starting a new one will do any difference.

"Support case #0*******"

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, @LunaMellow! I completely understand wanting to get assistance for your Quest Pro. With the case number you provided, I went ahead and reached out to the support teams so they could contact you as soon as they could. If you don't receive an email from them in the next couple days, I strongly recommend that you send a private message to @MetaQuestSupport. This way, they can investigate your case further and provide you with more information on its status.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.

I really appreciate that you reached out to them ❤️

This has been a complete nightmare and all I want is to recieve the help I need. Directly messaging meta would only start a new ticket, which they would then merge into the other one. I already tried a week ago but they did not give a single response. So I really hope you reaching out has gotten their attention.

Hope you have a nice rest of your day

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Not a problem! From what I understand with the support teams, the reason they merge cases is because they want to make sure that any relevant information about the case is still consolidated into one case. This way, the support agents handling the case can have all the information they need to assist you.

it could be that the support team is working with another case that you made rather than the one you posted. If you send a PM to the teams on the forums, they can give you more insight on the case that the teams are working on and provide you with updates if necessary. 

I hope this information helps!

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.

Welcome to the club. I’ve experienced everything I’ve mentioned plus some. I was promised return labels over a month ago but nothing. A different agent reaches out every time acting like it’s the first time they’ve reached out. I myself am looking into class action lawsuits. I have saved over 500 emails from customer service full of lies and broken promises. I recommend everyone to stay away from purchasing any quest 3 headset. U will end up with a $500 paperweight.

Honored Guest

Similar kind of experience here. My Quest Pro replacement took over a month to get a proper RMA issued, with all the delay coming from silly issues like support being unable to tell that my photos of a Quest Pro were a Quest Pro and not a Quest 3, three botched RMA attempts including sending me the wrong replacement part and an RMA with incorrect instructions. I went through 3-4 different support agents and was ready to accept the loss, but luckily I rolled a good agent on the last attempt. 

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