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9 Weeks and 1 Day

Expert Protege

...since Oculus support received my headset for a warranty replacement, that stated a 3 day turn around. 


Still not received any information. 


Rather than a reply that says, "soon" or "Thanks for your patience"


Can I have a replacement unit please? 


Ticket No - 3575945



They received mine (confirmed FedEx tracking) on 01/03/22 and after 6 business days I opened a ticket and have entered the unhelpful we're checking email discourse.


Today I received a new RMA tag for my headset which they already have.  I have 0 faith that I will ever see that headset again.


There are no phone numbers and no escalation paths.


It is the worst support I have ever dealt with.


I finally received a replacement on the 8th Feb. I made the original claim around Christmas Eve and it wasn't without ALOT of pointless back and forth and what felt like LIES from Oculus and their never-ending investigations by a specialised team who would not share any straightforward answers as to why they couldn't provide return labels or alternatives such as compensating me for postage out of pocket. They wouldn't even tell me the returns address!


In the end I filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and they got in contact with Oculus on my behalf. After that, Oculus sent me an email apologising for the delay and agreed to send me a replacement unit without need to post back the broken one.


The BBB email you the exchanges between them and the company and I believe I would still be in the black void waiting for updates on the returns labels if I didn't file the complaint through them.


I suggest you do the same. It's a pain because you do have to log alot of information about yourself and details into the story. If you do, make sure you file for the right company. I don't think it was listed as Meta yet, but Oculus VR (Menlo park).


Please update me if you get anywhere. It would be interesting if your path turns out similar to mine.

Read my posts on this thread. 

Yeah.  I also opened a BBB case on 2/9/22.  I'm a little worried that my new RMA tag is in response to that but we'll see.


It was a last straw resort for me. Oculus were not helping or saying anything new, Amazon were at least helpful but the ball was in Oculus' court. I wonder if the company is shutting down and they are just mincing time with complaints until their meta verse levelling up is complete

The problem is BBB is not available in the UK, and as the UK is stupidly not part of the EU anymore, that protection is gone. 
We do have resolver but Meta/Oculus do not participate in it. 


If you are in the UK you are stuffed. 



In comparason, and Oculus could learn from this... 

My xbox elite controller broke the other day, went online, filled out a form online, a UPS sticker was mailed to me and as soon as it was received (Next Day) the system sent me out a replacement the same day. 


This is how support should be done Oculus!! 

I'm a UK citizen located in Japan. I filed through the American website. I'm assuming because Oculus is an American company, they help. It's not ideal, all they do is contact Oculus on your behalf, but they must carry some swag as the results of their complaints lead to the company getting good or bad reviews.

Microsoft has had this figured out for years.  They replaced my red-ringed 360 twice. Both times they issued my replacement console the day after FedEx marked my shipment as received.  And if that wasn't quick enough, they offered to send me a replacement right away as long as I gave them a credit card to secure the replacement which they would refund once they received my 360.



I've been waiting for more than 2 months for a my headset replacement and today I finally got a refurbished Quest 2. I'm glad that it looks and works well so far.
However, I waited way too long and I feel sorry for people who, like me, will have to wait that long until they are served by the Meta support.

Did it just show up or did you get a notification that it was on the way?

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