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A GO as a gift that won't GO.

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My s-in-law gave me her husbands 64 bit GO after he passed away. She cant find password, pin, or even password to his e-mail. She has since moved and of course has new internet service. I don't even know if he used FB or had an Oculus account.  All I have is his name! The headset comes on without a glitch and home page comes up like normal, but the controller won't pair. The volume buttons won't work in place of the controller to allow me to start an internet connection. 

Is there anyway I can do a reset and  then get his GO onto my own Oculus account? I have the 32 bit and would like to get some stuff purchased and stored before the Meta whatever takes over because he did not have that and I don't know if this would cause further problems.

Thank you very much.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @confundus! We see you're in need of removing an account from you Go so you can connect your own. We have the perfect support article for you! Please follow the steps in the article Remove account from Oculus Go to get squared away!