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A Solution to Connection and Audio Popping Issues on Rift S

Level 2

So I just figured out a solution to all of the awful issues I've been having with my Rift S and I thought I would share it.

Since buying the rift, I've been having huge issues with my headset. It would take unplugging and replugging a thousand times to get it to work. I thought it was just the software because I was using a usb 3.0 and it was a brand new headset. Anyways, I got used to that issue but another came along. I started getting awful audio popping and crackling after the newest update, and my headset would crash after about 30 minutes. I contacted oculus support but none of their solutions worked so I looked online. It took about 2 weeks of searching to find something that actually worked. So anyways, I bought a Startech SuperSpeed PCI-E USB 3.0 Adapter Card and plugged it in. So far I have had NO issues at all. I didnt even use the installer DVD, so maybe try it without the driver first as I'm not sure if you need it.

TLDR; Buying a Startech SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI-E Adapter Card for my Rift S solved all of my connection and audio issues.


Level 3
Hi, I have what appears to be a very similar issue on my 1 week old Rift S. Works fine for about 20 mins then audio popping starts and then gradual visual stuttering (is this what some call a tracking issue?). Gets to a point it is then unusable.

I’ve submitted a ticket but no solution yet. I also bought an Inatek SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI-E Adapter Card (not same as yours but seen recommended by other users). This hasn’t made a difference from what I can tell. So for me, it’s either the Oculus drivers which I hope they fix soon or I’ll be sending it back.

Shame, as I’ve just had my first go using it with Elite Dangerous and I’m blown away by it. But then had to quit after about 20 mins as unplayable.