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ASW is completely broken and creates artefacts that prevents me from playing any PCVR game

Level 4



I've the weirdest issue and it suddenly (well, at least I don't know what's causing it) appeared: ASW is triggering horrible artifacts, mostly on plain background.


Video of the issue:


- It happens on every game I've tried.

- This is not a framerate issue.

- It happens mainly on plain backgrounds and a lot less when there is details.


Quest 2 (Link or Airlink)

4090 RTX with 526.86 drivers

Oculus software (


Could you guys tell me if this is an issue on my side or if ASW is actually broken? Could be an Nvidia driver issue, Oculus software issue, I really don't know so I'd like some support from Oculus Team.


@MetaQuestSupport Have you guys ever seen this or got reports about a similar issue?




Level 2

I have the same issue with the quest 2 and 4090.


The only way to minimize the issue with ASW is to make sure the scenery has more detail (clouds etc) otherwise it is very noticeable.

Level 15

Meta does not support the RTX 4090 yet - at least not to my knowledge.

When new gpus arrive, it can take many months before these are supported.

So if you care most for VR, never buy a new gpu before Meta supports it.

Do expect all kinds of issues when choosing to use unsupported gpus. Same for operating systems, it took Meta a year to support Win11.


RTX 4090 is supported when it says so on this page:

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Level 15

To turn off ASW press ctrl+num1  (numeric keyboard 1, not top row 1).  Try that an see if it helps.  You can go back to default = Auto ASW with ctrl+4


Best way to avoid ASW auto kicking in is to lower your graphics settings.

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Thanks but I want to use ASW. And since ASW is broken, it indeed works well without it. 

Thanks for the link. I won't close the thread yet and will wait for the 4090 to be fully supported and to see if this is fixed. 

Level 4

hopefully for me I own several other headsets  but using a quest 2 and a rtx 4090 is just another  bad  joke frome metazuck ! 

I wonder if it's  the same with quest pro ?

Level 2

Glad to have found this, I am having the exact same issue only I have a 4080. Appears exclusively in blue skies with no clouds. Will try turning off ASW. Please let me know if you find a solution.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, you guy's are really ahead with the new GPU's. If you refer to this public article here, you will see that Meta has not fully developed support for this graphics card currently.

Thank you for the answer. Do we have any ETA, even for just the Beta branch by any chance?
RTX 4090 hit the market two months ago now.