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ASW still broken on 4090 -- Should affected users all submit bug reports?


There have been quite a few posts over the past year about ASW generating very bad artifacts on 4090 GPUs.  The only responses to those have been that 40-series GPUs are not supported and to watch this page for updates.  This led me to believe that correcting the issue was part of the work being done before listing the GPU as supported, so I did not add my report to the conversations.

Now, the page shows that 40-series GPUs are supported, but the ASW visual artifacts are still just as present as they have been since the 4090 launch.  Since Support did respond to my question in another thread, I wanted to open this up for more discussion/confirmation that this is indeed still a widespread issue and hopefully bring it more strongly to the attention of the development team.

The best representation of the issue I have seen is @CYAN_ure 's posted video here. If you have the same problem, I would suggest that you also follow Support's instructions pasted below and reply to this thread to help bring visibility to the issue.  Thanks!

"We suggest submitting a bug report so that our engineers are aware of this issue and can implement a fix in an upcoming update.

Here is how to make a bug report.

To report an issue:

Open the Oculus app on your computer.
Select Help Center in the bottom left menu, and then select Provide Feedback."


Where did you see that the 4000 servies are now supported? The page you linked to doesn't mention them at all.

At the bottom of the "Supported GPUs for Link" NVIDIA table.  



Interesting. It still displays this for me



Hmm, that is interesting.  Is it possible you had the page saved previously?  Maybe try opening this link in a browser you don't normally use?

Requirements to use Meta Quest Link | Meta Store

Do you see this at the top?





I agree that if rtx4090 users are having issues with ASW like what you linked to they def should report this to Meta.  A bug report from the Quest home quick settings panel bug icon is worthwhile.  Also, for PCVR with Link or Air Link I think it's worth starting a ticket with Meta Support, including your log files.  Hopefully this will give Meta more information in order to help identify the case of these issues.

I've had a rtx4090 and used this with both my Q2 and QPro since Jan/2023 and haven't had any major issues with standalone and PCVR with Link or Air Link.  I certainly don't see the kind of artifacts shown in the link included in this thread's initial post.  Nor have I seen this reported in any of my flight sim user forums for X Plane 11/12 or msfs.  There are quite a few Q2 and QPro users on these forums using rtx4090's.  

The only minor issue I have is that ASW settings in ODT always seem to want to revert back to Auto (= default) after restarts.  This has zero impact with all Rift, Steam, and VivePort games since all of these easily reach the refresh rate's fps I set in the oculus desktop app device graphics settings (80Hz with res slider full right).  This can cause a problem with my flight sims like msfs because these normally cannot reach 80fps, even with a 4090.  When it kicks in I see lots of wavy building windows when flying low in a heli in cities like NYC.  To turn it off you can manually do this very easily, on the fly, by using the keyboard command ctrl+num1 or, in my case, I use OTT to set a game profile to do this when I start up the sim. 

So, for me, as a rtx4090 user, this is not a major issue.  Of course, I would like ODT fixed so that ASW settings, like all other ODT settings, remain in place after restarts.  I have filed a bug report on this.

For those having ongoing problems with their quest headset using a rtx4090 you def should report this to Meta.  In any case, I don't think I can add anything useful information to this thread so I'll unsubscribe from this thread.  Good luck mates and best cheers.


i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers