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Abandonned VR support forcing me to return my AMD GPU



This message was sent to AMD and I show it here too because it concerns Oculus :


I'm so shocked about the experience I have with the FANTASTIC hardware I bought for nothing.

First, I was looking recently for a solution as I needed a monthly payments options for a GPU on Amazon , a GPU that would be used in first place for VR working and some VR games.


One day , I see this FABULOUS specs Radeon rx6800 sold by monthly payments .


I check quickly on the WEB to see what VR experience we can expect with this card. I saw so much videos showing full performance Oculus Quest 2 VR that I had no doubt it would support it. I admitt I did not counter verified at AMD and Oculus ... as what I was looking at was very high end VR like in Half Life Alyx etc. I was so excited to have this high end GPU for less than it's Ndivia competitor price that I decided to try it. I said myself that if there was plenty of happy VR users on 6800 , why loosing time asking to the technical department of Oculus ?


I installed the last driver listed as " optionnal " , which I didn't see first . With Nvidia we call it BETA I think. The driver never installed with factory settings , it rebooted and the installation wasn't ending . Ok , I told myself this can happen for many reasons , sometimes it's even not due to the brand but to another component . I re-tried un-clicking the factory settings option and it finally installed. 2d games seemed pretty awesome , all seemed at first to work until I try Oculus Quest 2. This was even totally unplayable , jiggling and stuttering like a freak or like my headset was a bomb about to explode . Ok , I said myself after checking on the WEB , that a Optionnal driver is like a BETA at AMD so I tried the previous driver. Oh that stopped the crazy jiggling with the headset but still plenty of moments where I had strange image tearing or stutters during loading , or radical unexplained framedrop while sculpting in Adobe Medium. My GPU wasn't higher than 45% and my CPU too so it wasn't bottlenecked but it felt like it . On half of my installation trials , the virtual Bureau natively found in the Oculus PC app wasn't working at all , showing intermittent images and stroboscope feeling and doing crazy things. Same on Oculus Air Link or regular Link with Anker cable.

All kind of problems in VR making me feel there is a major down with this GPU . I contacted Oculus , had at first a staff member telling me Oculus VR would work for rx6000 series . So I continued to try , downgrading to Windows 10 because I've been told by the staff Oculus is new on Win 11 and still had adjustments to do. Re-installed on Win 10 and not a single improvement. The last driver still abandon VR experience on Oculus and I still had to re-install ( painfully ) the previous driver that causes other bugs like the black screen bug when using some freesync options etc. The VR was now worst than in Windows 11 , even with the non-BETA driver , it was almost un-usable in Adobe Medium application and very stuttering in some VR games , more than on my old old old 1080 GTX from Nvidia.

I returned to Oculus , asked them what was going on as AMD rx6800 cards are AWESOME and even better than RTX 3070 in most 2d games . I couldn't believe they just dropped support for AMD products . I've now been awnsered today that they simply don't support my GPU at Oculus according to their list. I awnsered them : " Why you made it functionnal the time we all buy the GPU's and after that , suddenly it's no more supported and how I could know ? " If you see only good experiences in VR on youtube , with previous drivers dating from 2021 , most of consumers won't bother Oculus to have a legal confirmation it supports it. They see the FPS is nice on almost all influencers videos and they trust this most of the times. Normally I counter check but I was too much confident in Radeon as I already had one and it was super compatible , a serious product etc. It's part of my error but it doesn't make acceptable the rest.

When I bought on Amazon , the rating was almost perfect but now people realize Oculus don't give a **bleep** to integrate seriously AMD in compatibility list , the price dropped a lot and Amazon seems like it tries to get rid of the rx6800 series with very attracting prices 1/3 cheaper. It's predictable every VR user is returning the GPU and there is more each month using VR . It's like everybody on the market but the user knows this GPU is a pain in the ass for Oculus VR but they try to get rid of the problem at Amazon etc so they won't tell us it's not Oculus Compatible officially.

Recently , after I bought the GPU , I saw a lot of bad review for VR on rx6800 and AMD is certainly loosing a lot of money , as Amazon too ... but Oculus seems they don't care at all. I almost feel like there is a kind of " cartel " in the gaming industry that does everything , maybe pay companies to not support the most competitive products , which here are AMD products.

It's revolting , I've put all me remaining economies in this GPU . In some videos , I even was told it was sometimes doing better VR than Nvidia but in 2022 , all has changed .

It's like AMD and Oculus don't care about their reputation and won't get to an agreement for an OFFICIAL VR support at Oculus. I can't believe it. 16gb , 256 of bandwith , more than 2400mhz ... ultra powerfull GPU and different awnsers at Oculus depending on the staff I talked to. One told me it is supposed to do well according to his notes ... the other mentionning me my model isn't supported on the list.

I asked : " Will it be ? Is it just temporary or you plan to just never support my BEEFY rx6800 working better than RTX 3070 in all my games ? " .... No awnsers yet.

If it was just about time to get support on Oculus VR , I'd probably keep the GPU and continue VR with some glitches and strange stutters , the time they repair the drivers etc but it's nebulous and it's like we never gonna get an awnser.

I am shocked. I've put 1000$ on this and with as high specs , it's like Nvidia pay compagnies to litterally ruin our VR experience. I see no major other reasons as since RSR and FSR improvements , AMD is back as a serious competitor to Nvidia . Strange thing it's happening almost at the same time AMD solved it's superscaling problems in games. It's the best time to compete but , as magic , META don't give a **bleep** about respecting AMD users or ... AMD doesn't care about collaborating with META to give real support.

How much of my gamers friends have a Oculus headset ? A lot . We talk about hundreds or thousands of people using this and VR is no more a .... BETA thing , it is on the market and it will stay. These guys are searching a way to buy performance for cheaper than Nvidia and they will all return their GPU's , creating horror stories for sellers too.  Why not accomodating us ? I'll probably be forced to send back my GPU and as a producer of documentaries, be sure I'll document this horror story I have now and I'll do very bad publicity for AMD GPU's and Oculus ( META ) . I don't want to but it will certainly have major impacts on AMD what is done with the VR experience.

If I have no confirmation from META they WILL add support and that it's just a question of a bit more time , that they are working on this with AMD ... or equivalent awnser to my problem , be sure I'll post videos on the web to prevent people being kind of pranked with this so exciting offers on AMD GPU's . It feels like this GPU is on a hardware point SOOOO NICE and high specs but has been litterally abandonned by AMD or ( and ) Oculus because Nvidia is too big and hold-em in the pocket.

Actually , I sent bad reviews on Amazon , warning every consumer to not buy for VR and reconsider because drivers are really not finished. I played previously on games like Skyrim Special Edition maxex out. The GPU is nice and performs a lot. It's a total disapointment for me as I can't have decent awnsers . I'm making documentaries, didn't have the money to buy a 3080 GPU , this was like one of my last solutions in times of pandemic and I feel like someone that was litterally pranked. I have a Ryzen high end 3700x with 16 threads , 32gb of 3000mhz ram set " chirurgically " by a Ram calculator from Amd , I ran this computer without any problems on 1080 GTX for last 2 years and it performed even in VR without RTX on it. I feel like I'm the guy who has been sold bad drugs on the street of Chicago but in fact I bought what appears to be an unfinished driver GPU and the industry tells me politely to go **bleep** myself.

Now , I don't know what to do . I'm still on Amazon warranty but they will certainly try to refund me -20% for restocking fees but .. .. I don't want to return the GPU , I want it to work because I know it can deliver. If I return this GPU , I'm not sure I'll find another in monthly payments at Amazon so it adds more and more disapointment . It's the worst GPU experience of my life and the only explaination from Oculus is that rx6000 is not in their supported models ... but 3 days before , other staff told me that yes , it's supported . What the hell ? I know the problem may be on Oculus side , not AMD but as it impacts directly AMD sellings and as it was compatible at the start , it's just a huge failure on the consumer side.

At least , if AMD or Oculus or both would ensure me me GPU will get supported , I'd have hope and maybe keep it . If not , I'll sell it and I'll tell every consumer not to trust a product that has a big lack of market support , possibly victime of some kind of commercial mafia with Nvidia , taking agressively all the VR market. I don't know if AMD realize it but this brand is about to suffer a lot lot lot lot on the gamers market. I know some told us VR wouldn't last compared to 2d games but it's not true at all since more than 2 years. You won't be able , sooner or later, to sell card without general VR support for major brands. It will come with it or it will die passed a point. General applications for 3d modelers are HUDGE in Vr and a lot of consumers will come after it .

What will I do ? I guess if I get no satisfying awnsers from AMD or Oculus , I'll go get a RTX at higher price with less ram , less GPU mhz and less performance , to use VR that needs max GPU , max RAM and max performance. That's nonsense.

I'd very appreciate to get a real view on what's the next step . If there is no hope getting better VR experience in apps like Adobe Medium or getting long term working VR , this GPU is of almost no use for me. This product could be my life saver for my documentaries on autism but it's what will put me totally down and abandonned.

The worst in that is I don't know which is shamefull for what I live ? AMD ? Oculus ? For sure, AMD is loosing a lot of sells on the market and if the brand doesn't react quickly to awnser to people like me , they will loose millions of dollars. I see strange stutters in Adobe Medium happening while non of my hardware is bottleneck and I can't have awnsers , it's easy for Oculus , they just have to tell it's not supported but in facts , we can clearly see this product has all it needs to do way better .. way way better VR . I can't plan to do projects in VR as Oculus tells me I got ZERO insurance they will support my GPU . The first update that will come may one day prevent me to log into VR ... completely so it's not an option. I can't rely on " maybe it will still work not so bad tomorrow " . No support from Oculus means that it's randomly half supporting it in some cases , some not and Oculus won't take energy to correct this . I'm politely told to " f**k off " . For me , it's the beginning of the end when users have such bad experience.

If anyone has the power to talk to Oculus and make them change their approach with AMD , it would avoid me another technical tragedy. I'm out of energy to handle more.




Here is a video of a guy , litterally on the same specs than me instead maybe the Mb brand , playing all games in very high quality without any problems on Quest 2 . That's what made my decision but ... no , all that isn't working without a lot of glitches here and there on my same system in 2022 . Robo Recall is not a lot better than on my 1080 GTX that had less performance and no Raytracing system. The FPS I get in games are not the ones of this guy and I'm pretty good IT specialist ... so I'm able to tweek decently my PC. Something happened. Oculus made updates or so and probably decided to abandon Radeon players because it was once playable . It's probably a lack of communication between companies because I feel this streaming problem could be adressed by improving the driver / applications on both AMD and Oculus sides . What's shocking is that we're almost there. In the previous driver of adrenalin , I have playable performance in some games with sometimes strange lags but playable ... but in sculpture applications in VR , it needs critical improvements. It's like the encoder of Amd needs to be a bit enhanced to follow Oculus apps ... and also the Oculus app has to improve it's compatibility and both refuse to move. Some previous AMD cards that are less performant does very well VR , why not on this beefy rx6800 that performs so well in 2d games ? If at least we could have encouraging voices from both brands , a lot of us would wait before tu return their GPU to Amazon or so.


Nice wall of text, lol!  Just return your AMD gpu and get a nvidia rtx3070 or better gpu imho.

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Link and Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers

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i guess i will buy a reverb now. 

i rented a quest 2 got similar problems


@TomCgcmfc the 3070 is literally a downgrade from the 6800.  id rather reccomend and buy a 3080 or better.

@Vivien_Hardgas  I believe the 3070 is about 10% better than a 6800 but a 3080 would def be better again.  About 50% better from this 'indicative' comparison;


I'm not sure why people think about using an AMD gpu's with a Quest?  The encoders are much better with rtx2000/3000 series gpu's and this is very important with PCVR using the Quest.  Maybe not as much a problem with dedicated PCVR headsets.

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Link and Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers


What a wall of text.  But heres the short of it amd will never be as versatile as nvidia.  AMD make great cards but have none of the staffing and resources for a true customer focused card.  


3080 is good but 3080 ti is really the best cost friendly gpu it sits right beteen the throughput of the 3090 but has a minimal foot print, where with the right tweaking you would never tell the difference between its full blown upgrade being the 3090.


3080 ti will last a long time with 40 series being a good 3 years away with adoption.


But its not that oculus doesnt care about amd users is the other around amd doesn't engineer there cards to play nice with oculus especially the encoder aspect of the card. 

@TomCgcmfc wrote:

@Vivien_Hardgas  I believe the 3070 is about 10% better than a 6800 but a 3080 would def be better again.  About 50% better from this 'indicative' comparison;


I'm not sure why people think about using an AMD gpu's with a Quest?  The encoders are much better with rtx2000/3000 series gpu's and this is very important with PCVR using the Quest.  Maybe not as much a problem with dedicated PCVR headsets.

Tom simple answer but its the wrong answer.  Its because they go on to youtube and buy the drivel that influencers sell jayztwocents and linus love to shill them amds, because of the free cards they get, not the people that are actually buying the cards.


the whole gpu frenzy is the result of just a simply confused gaming pc market, scalpers don't care about gpus because scalpers going to scalp, youtube influencers get stuff for free, china crypto is going to crypto, and morons buy laptops thinking there gamers.


also it still amazes me that people don't fully understand how capped the quest 2 is because even with a baller 3090 there is absolutely no way your even getting any where near 1.7x and 120 hz.

useerbenchmark is a very shady source if you ver heared the story of it. i rather trust my local hardware magazines. 


i use a quest 2 with a AMD card because the card was there before the quest 2.  



@Vivien_Hardgas wrote:

useerbenchmark is a very shady source if you ver heared the story of it. i rather trust my local hardware magazines. 


i use a quest 2 with a AMD card because the card was there before the quest 2.  



how is user benchmark a shady source? you do realize it is user generated, not arbitrary data.  local mags are super biased because of the age old thing called capitalism and advertising.  not saying capitalism is wrong, just that there going to be mouthpieces for what people want to sell.


also the statement using an amd card before the quest 2, implies your computer was not built for vr but as a general gamer rig.  which is fine but you didn't do your initial research, nvidia has aspects that do in fact make it better card for vr, amd is still good for general gaming. AMD is crap for vr unless your going wired, via index.


is nvida a good company? debatable but they have the tech required for quest 2 link performance.  


Pretty amusing to read some things here.


It's totally false AMD is behind 3070 and can't stream decently.


Also, in most of the games, It's even sometimes equal or better than 3080 and just to tell you that I activated Smart Access Memory and it's AWESOME for the moment on non-VR games. It's totally giving me , for free ...  17% faster in most of games and , oh oh surprise , I can now even record in good quality while I play games like Forza 5 at extreme settings. The graphical and non graphical memory bandwith has become a beast.


I bet some Nvidia " a bit fresh " about their GPU will calm down a bit because now , I have near the performance of a traditionnal rx6900 or 6900xt when I activate SAM . It means a 16gb GPU for 850$ that performs as a 1400$ and more Nvidia GPU. Watch out , programmers know that and they will be ready to integrate AMD and promote it.


Ok , it's not totally there for VR but saying it can't stream decently is totally false information that was true months and months ago. Already with last Oculus and AMD non beta driver, I do better VR than with my 1080 GTX .... a GPU that was better than 1660 of today.


I'm pretty sure AMD will be a MUST for VR and already , I can tell most of problems are solved for the VR games if you stick to the last NON BETA driver.


AMD will get a lot of people to buy if they continue like this and game producers will for sure jump on this Smart Access Memory thing to integrate more AMD as now we can even play a high high end game at max in 4k and record in 4k the same time and ... the FPS of the video file .. for what it is ... it's more than enough for good streaming experience. It was super watchable.


Here I'm on a Ryzen 3700x with rx6800 and I activated Smart Access Memory with only 16 gb of DDR4 3200 and a bit of virtual memory well balanced. I also had an awnser from Oculus regarding support for my GPU and they are working on it so it's planned to be better supported and it's able to stream it. It will just procede a bit differently and that needs some tweekings from AMD and META . That's what I understand of the situation .


I'll test Oculus and be back to tell my new feelings on the more recent BETA out a couple of days ago.


So , yes , it runs now VR in non-beta version...  and I don't think Oculus ( Meta ) will spit on even better integration .


Having already a AMD processor and buying a AMD GPU was a very good shot according to what I see now after some improvements and motherboard BIOS flash. I'll test this week the new AMD driver with Oculus Apps to see if they at least corrected this strange  " shaking dance " I had with the previous BETA Adrenalin driver version.


If Oculus staff read this , get prepared to integrate Full Access to graphical mem on AMD GPU. I now do hard raytracing in 4k games , which 4 months ago would show 20 fps with RT . Soon you'll have plenty of gamers asking for it if you don't work fast enough.


I hope META will add some functionnalities and AMD will work on it's VR performance because more and more gamers will want to use this Smart Access Memory. I saved around 1200$ just by a little tweek on my BIOS. To have such 17% more speed in games and with fluidity when playing high action games ... just by an option like this ... I'd have to buy a 3080ti or so to get there .


When a product becomes so interresting in terms of performance for the buck , it's not long before game programmers get in toutch and support it very well.


Hope is there.



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