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Accessing the Data Folder within the Headset USB/Data/Read-Only

Expert Protege

I am a developer for an app that uses DLC.

When I am developing DLC content, I need to make the DLC file and put it on the headset and then test it. Sometimes I immediately see I need to change something, make another build and test again. This is the nature of development.

Luckily, I have a custom online file delivery system within our app's ecosystem and I can upload the DLC to it and download it within the headset.

However, sometimes a DLC is 4GB and this is just not reliable or intelligent.

For *YEARS* I have used the Windows Explorer USB dialog.
I can go to the required folder within my app within data, but I can no longer add, overwrite, or delete these files. I assume this is due to read-only mechanism, that has recently been implemented.

I know this has stopped working at some point in the past few months. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a deliberate update that disallows us from accessing/modifying files within /data.

For developers this is *extremely* inconvenient and feels like the early days of Apple where we don't control the device we own. I severely hope this is not the case, as it makes developing for the Quest much harder for apps with DLC. Dealing with Google's new scoped storage is annoying enough.

Also I am lucky to have made a custom content delivery network for our app, it seems developers without this would be out of luck.

Hoping there is a solution. 

**EDIT**: I am now realizing I cannot even add files to my Galaxy S23 Ultra. So it appears this is a Google/Android limitation, and the Quests are also victims to this limitation.

Thank you.

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