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Accidentally bought a game on the Oculus store for incorrect platform

Level 2

I tried to purchase Beat Saber for my Quest 2 headset from the Oculus Store on my PC not realizing that it was for the Rift platform so I thought it would sync as the phone app does. I haven't opened the game yet and I just did this today so it should be within the refund time frame and but for some reason, I'm not able to refund it. I do still wish to purchase it on the Quest 2 headset so any help on this would be super appreciated!


Thank you!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello ItzEventhorizon. Thanks for contacting us. We understand that you're having a difficult time refunding Beat Saber. We can definitely assist you with this.  Here are some reasons why you may not be able to refund the game:


  • movies, bundles, content purchased as part of a bundle, or content downloaded or purchased inside of apps 
  • content made outside of the Oculus platform. Where you have purchased items outside of the Oculus platform, additional third-party terms and conditions may apply. Please consult these policies for more
  • if the refund request is made more than fourteen days after the date of purchase or Gift redemption, unless otherwise required by applicable law

Please reach back out if none of these apply please reach back out so that we can help you resolve this issue. 

Appreciate your response. The only thing I can think that might be stopping the refund is that the purchase included a song pack as well, so I'm not sure if that is why it is stopping the full refund. I do know that in-app/game purchases are non refundable which is understandable and even if I cannot refund the additional content an I able to refund the base game portion? I would be ok with losing full access to the game and additional content that was included if I'm able to even just refund the base cost.


Again, thank you for help on this!

We'd love to look into this further with you so please PM us or click HERE to submit a support ticket, and we'll see what we can do to help you get Beat Saber on the right platform. Thanks!