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Account permanently disabled for my Child




I think I have done something wrong but when trying to setup the Quest 3 for my child we have got his account disabled. I entered his age and it asked for a passport photo which we sent but then we got a mail back saying that the account was permanently disabled.


Is anyone able to help and he has just got this for Christmas and can't use it. 


Thanks for any help


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Spoke to support who have sorted a solution but really not happy with the initial account been disabled.

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Hi @ewin42 

Have you tried to set up a supervised account for your child?

How old is your child?




Spoke to support who have sorted a solution but really not happy with the initial account been disabled.

I can imagine.....but at least Cristmas isn't ruined for your child🙂

Expert Protege

Had the exact same thing happen. Only only, my 12 year old doesn't have a photo ID to upload, because he's 12... but they sure were quick to suspend his account that he's had for the last two years. And now he's got a quest 3 he can't even use. Contacted support and was told that a "specialist" would reach out via email in 24-48 hours. But after spending the last few hours trying to figure out how to get his account back and reading thru these forums, I'm less than hopeful it will happen. Looks like Meta just doesn't care to take care of the issues. I won't be letting him spend any more money if this is how they treat customers. 

For us we had to create a new account as were told that it was impossible to get the account back. Luckily for us we only just created his account so lost very little. Felt like a really bad experience. Feels really bad that they can just delete an account that has stuff linked to it without any way to get it back. Hopefully they will be able to sort something for you. 

Thanks for responding. I have a feeling that's how this is going to work for us as well, Which sucks. He's had the quest 2 for 2 years now and has a bunch of games that we paid for. Seems like a complete rip-off to have to re-purchase games just because they changed their policies. 

How can i speak to support? I can't find any method

Go somewhere like here:

and you should see a button in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click on the button and go through the options to eventually speak to support (Note: This is a chat only support as I do not think you to talk to an actual person on the phone)


I am currently going through the the same issue my son has had his supervised account since Christmas 2022, at Christmas 2023 he bought himself a game with money he received as a gift the next day his account was suspended had to provide proof of ID and since he didn't have the options listed I sent mine. Account disabled so I appealed, back and forth all of January for then to tell me ok account is active go ahead and use it. Later that day received an email account suspended please provide ID, responded asking why if we just went through all of this(of course you get a different person everytime) whatever they said its a parent supervised account send his birth certificate. Ok sent it last night now have an email stating the account has been permanently disabled wtf this is bull**bleep** to say the least😒 I'm still fighting as he spent money on his account

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