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Air Link not reconnecting to headset after PC has resumed from sleep

Level 2

I have my Quest 2 working with both Air Link and cable without issues.  However, following a restart of my computer (from sleep) and reloading the Oculus software, my headset won't reconnect.  Even if I delete the pairing on the PC, I can't recreate the pairing.  The only way to make it work again is to remove the pairing, restart both the PC and the headset and then go through the pairing process again.  This becomes very tiresome after the 10th time so I was wondering what the fix is


One thing I have noticed is that the OVRServer_x64.exe seems to hang.  I'm unable to end the task in Task Manager which is probably why the only way to fix it is a PC reboot.


I'm using the latest firmware in the headset and the latest version of the Oculus PC software for Windows 10



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, matt.storr. We know how annoying it must be to have to go through this process each time you want to continue playing PCVR. We want to do everything we can to help you. With that being said, we would love it if you could send us your logs in a support ticket so we can look into this deeper with you. If you need the steps to collect your logs, you can find them below:

  1. Open the Run window (Windows key + R).
  2. Enter and run: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe
    • The above link is the default directory. Bear in mind that if you installed Oculus Home to another drive you will need to update the command with the correct file path.
  3. Select the checkbox next to ‘Full logs’.
  4. Select "1 day" from the "Collect last" drop down list.
  5. Wait for the log collection to finish. This can take some time to complete.
  6. The program will automatically generate a zip file containing your logs, which will be saved to your desktop automatically.

Level 2

I am running into the same issue. It is super annoying having to restart my PC + all programs just to use air link.
Tried shutting down any oculus / ovr services through task manager & restart ,still the same issue.

So I've googled it and there are people reporting the same issue over 1 year ago

FIX YOUR **bleep**! (not you support person, you are lovely, but tell those meta programmers to get off their asses please <3) 

Level 2

Same here. Have to restart the PC every time I want to play! Super annoying. I cannot kill the service either (blame windows for that). Can we at least get a workaround? You ask for logs then go silent for 10 months? 

Howdy there, @jim462.2022! We completely understand how inconvenient it must be for you to have to restart your PC every time you try to connect your Quest device. We strongly advise contacting our support team so that they can examine your logs and determine what is causing this error.