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Air link and cable not working for Oculus quest 1

Level 2

When I open air link or connect via cable, my quest (1) it opens the air link menu(with the white background) and it just freezes, i cant open any games. I can only play oculus games on the normal oculus menu and not any steam games. how do i fix this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Brandstorp. Thanks for contacting us. We understand that you're having issue with Air link. We'd love to look further into this for you. We're going to ask you a few question to get a better understand ding of what's going on: 


  • When did you first noticed the issue?
  • Has it ever worked before? 
  •  Have your PC connected to Router/Access Point via Ethernet cable? 
  • Is your headset connected to your Wi-Fi via 5GHz band?
  • Is your headset in the same room as the headset or in line-of-sight, and at least 1m off the ground?

Please try restarting your headset and router. If the issue persist please submit a support ticket with your computer logs at our support site, so that our specialist can take a further look into this. 


We look forward to hearing from you. We're always here to help!