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Air link black screen and when it does work it’s really laggy

Level 3

So I found out that oculus released a air link (really useful so I don’t have to buy a cable) when I first used it, it was extremely laggy I couldn’t move and everything was so weird looking I had to shut down my oculus to get back home. I tried again today but this time it was just a black screen with 3 dots loading and loading. I could hear my desktop notifications but I couldn’t see anything. I’m really frustrated cause I read a lot of articles and YouTube tutorials and nothing helped me, my old headset it’s better and it’s older than the oculus. The oculus has so many issues I’m so frustrated please help


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Hello, 1Grape1 We noticed that your device was lagging, and since we know how this can spoil your VR experience, we'll tell you how to check your specs so we can get you back into the action with a choppy headset. Just a friendly reminder not to send them here so your information is not exposed: first, gather your logs and send them to our support team so they may review them with you. Here is a link to a page where you may create a support ticket to have your logs examined.



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Does your PC and wifi connection meet the requirements for Airlink?

I have a gaming pc it should be work but it does say missing requirements something about Ethernet 

You need your PC to be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable.

Only the Quest headset connects to the router wirelessly (over a 5GHz wireless connection).

This is due to the speed required for the high bandwidth usage to sustain AirLink.

Ok thanks I’ll test it 

What are the actual PC specs too? If you go by manufacturers descriptions or the Steam VR performance test, you may well be disappointed in the real world.

There good  and I have a  HTC vive that connects to my computer so vr runs smoothly on my PC I probably just need that Ethernet thing

Some aspects of your PC might work well on a PCVR headset but cripple performance on Quest. For example, Link and Airlink absolutely require high performance hardware video encoding from your GPU. Do you have that?

This is why the actual PC spec matters.

I use to be able to play oculus vr idk what happened 

I'm afraid if you aren't going to post specs, I'm not going to be able to provide advice. The Vive and Quest present VR to your headset, and tax the GPU, in completely different ways (and Quest is quite a bit more demanding with higher resolution displays anyway).

Hope you get it fixed.