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Air link black screen and when it does work it’s really laggy

Level 3

So I found out that oculus released a air link (really useful so I don’t have to buy a cable) when I first used it, it was extremely laggy I couldn’t move and everything was so weird looking I had to shut down my oculus to get back home. I tried again today but this time it was just a black screen with 3 dots loading and loading. I could hear my desktop notifications but I couldn’t see anything. I’m really frustrated cause I read a lot of articles and YouTube tutorials and nothing helped me, my old headset it’s better and it’s older than the oculus. The oculus has so many issues I’m so frustrated please help


How do I check specs? (I’m installing the Ethernet rn)

How do I check for specs?

Hello, 1Grape1 We noticed that your device was lagging, and since we know how this can spoil your VR experience, we'll tell you how to check your specs so we can get you back into the action with a choppy headset. Just a friendly reminder not to send them here so your information is not exposed: first, gather your logs and send them to our support team so they may review them with you. Here is a link to a page where you may create a support ticket to have your logs examined.



The most important one is the model of your graphics card. One way is to choose Display Settings in the Windows control panel, then select "Advanced Display Settings" inside there. You should see a monitor icon with text like (in my case) "Dell P2217H Display 1: Connected to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080". The graphics card would be "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080".