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Air link not working

Level 2

Hello, air link (wired or wireless) on my quest 2 isn't working. I have an Intel Core i3, 16gb. of ram, and an AMD RX 6400. I have installed new display drivers, updated windows, and updated my headset. It has never worked for me. It has always given me a black screen with three dots and nothing else. My PC knows it is connected (I checked the devices menu and it said it was connected) but other than that, I have nothing else. Please help!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Yeet_Master86 it's not good to hear that you're having some issues with your Link. A lot of AMD GPUs are supported (including your RX 6400) for use with Link, they are known to sometimes have issues after new updates. We would first recommend that you try reverting to a previous update for your GPU to see if that allows you to connect with Link again. You can find how to do that at this link.