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Airlink Stutters but GPU not maxed out

Level 3

I’ve got a powerful pc, specs below:

AMD 3950x

RTX 3090 24GB

64GB 3200MHz RAM

2TB NVME M.2 Drive for Games

ASUS RT AX-55 dedicated router for airlink with Gigabit Ethernet connection to PC.

as you can tell, my machine should work great. And it did! But as of the last week I’ve had stuttering that has made it impossible to play. Even in the link menus, I will get stuttering, freezing etc.

I’ve checked the debug performance stats and the Airlink is dropping frames constantly, which is triggering the issues. The issue remains even if I set the bandwidth of the Airlink to dynamic super low, it looks terrible and still drops frames.

I’ve got the latest game ready nVidia driver, AMD chipset drivers etc. I cannot see what may be causing the issue.

any help is appreciated


Level 3


There are alot of us too who are waiting for a fix.

HUGE stuttering happening no matter what PC / video card / OS version / wifi you are using.

I've been unable to use my oculus quest 2 for WEEKS.

People are reporting having a better experience using Virtual Desktop. You might want to give it a try if you want to spend the extra money.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @TheAcquired! Thank you for reaching out. We completely understand how it feels to have issues with PCVR. In cases like these we recommend reaching out to our support team with your Meta Quest service logs. They will have more tools at their disposal to assist you with these sorts of issues. Hope you're having a good day!