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Airlink problems

Level 2

So, i have been trying to play games with airlink. The pairing went great but a message keeps popping up: "Video card is not compatible''. I have gotten really irritated, and i searched up if my laptop was good enough. (Btw if i launch the game, my VR screen turns black). I have a Inter i5-6200 processor and a NVDIA Geforce GTX950M. Idk why it isn't working. Can anyone help?



Retired Support

Sounds about par for the course - the 950m is way below the requirements for oculus link. The minimum is a gtx 970, and that's the desktop version of the card at that (laptop gpus are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts). Sad to say, but your only real options are to either upgrade your setup or play natively on the quest.

You can find the compatibility list here

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same me i have same problem can you help me

The same advice applies - your GPU is way underpowered for Link so you'll need a better one from the compatibility list.

Hey there! Couldn't help but comment about our wonderful public article HERE that lets you know if your PC is compatible with the Oculus Link cable.


If it's still not working we'd love to help with chat or email support HERE.