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Level 2

I love the headset and had very few problems but when I try to airlink it will rarely work and if so it crashes within five minutes but mostly what will happen when I click launch it will load a few seconds then say airlink disconnected. I have tried everything I factory reset the quest app and the qust itself I'm close to the router and it says I meet all of the requirements. I have ran a vr test and says the pc is vr ready and everything looks compatible. I was able to play a game for a few minutes so I know it can work it ran smoothly but suddenly crashed I'm just wanted to play pc vr for a long time and I don't want to spend money on a cable also it works fine with the small cable I have. I have also rested the wifi and that didn't help 3 hours of online research lead me here.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @progamer555. We can definitely understand your concerns regarding the issues you're running into using Air Link. We'll want to look over your logs, which we aren't able to do through the forums here. Please reach out to us through the Meta Store Support site, and we'll gladly help get this resolved for you!