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All my purchases and old account gone.

Level 2

After the Horizon merge my account got weird. My email was no longer linked to the account. It changed to @RaidenTheRipper (my username) and I can't find any way to log back into that account. When I choose log in with Facebook? Gone. Logs me into my horizon account.

I believe I have spent over £200 and above on games, and Ingame purchases on that account. For nothing now. If there isn't a way to get my account back I'm just gonna quit because its ridiculous. 


I factory reset my headset so I could get rid of a controller glitch, that didn't even work. Now I'm stuck with a blank account and nothing to do. I am livid. Please just give me an answer on this.


Level 2

It's the same when I log in with anything else as well.

Hey there! We know how discouraging it can be for your content to just go *poof*, but we'd love to help out!

We have had some reports of users that have created a new account instead of being able to login with their information, but no need to jump to that conclusion just yet! 


We will need to gather some sensitive information from you, so please feel free to shoot over a PM for that support!

Hey again! Just circling around to see if you were still needing some assistance with those missing apps. 


If so, please don't hesitate to reach back out via those PMs!