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All of my Meta Quest 2 games are gone

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I had to do some dumbass account bull**bleep** to get my son’s Oculus 2 working again. Now all his games are deleted and my account which has been used the whole time we’ve had this piece of **bleep** says that there is no purchase history on the account. I understand that I “had” to create a new account to get the **bleep** thing working, but I linked the same facebook account, that I had been using since I had the now useless paperweight, to my new account. If someone could get me the money I spent on the games that I can’t use, or give me access to the **bleep**ing games I’ve already paid for, that would be the least that this piece of **bleep** company could do. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

-Hi @LoganMcSkye. We understand that you are contacting us about a Meta account that may have been disabled for violation of the Meta Terms of Service.

While VR can be a lot of fun, the creation or use of any Meta account by a person under the age of 10 is a violation of the Meta Terms of Service. A customer aged 10–12 years (or 10–13 years if in South Korea, Spain, or Quebec) must have their parent or guardian create a Parent-Managed Account for them to access Meta Quest 2 and 3 devices.

Meta Store Support is not able to assist you with the disabled account. You will have received an email notification about the account that includes instructions for an appeal process if you feel that this account action has been in error. Please utilize the appeal process outlined in the email to address your account issue. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail filters. We wish we could do more, but we are unable to get you any refunds due to the account being disabled. If you still have further concerns or questions, let us know.

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