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All of my recordings and screenshots are tilted

Honored Guest

Everything is clearly tilted a few degrees to the left.  I'm certain that my head is level and I see things as being level in the headset, but then when I watch a video back everything is titled.  It is very obvious in some games and it makes the videos unusable for content creation. 

I can provide screenshots from video recordings I've done that shows it's consistently not level across multiple games.  


Is there anything I can do to fix this?  Is something wrong with my headset?  


Honored Guest

Update:  It's not just video recordings.  It's also screenshots.  I'm also starting to think that some UI elements that are supposed to show up in a fixed position also believe the headset is askew by a few degrees to the left.

Update 2:  Did a factory reset and no change.  

Hey there, @Jory!

We recognize that you're having issues with your media capture display. We want to make sure all of our users are able to obtain gaming content to share. We have a troubleshooting step you can attempt; please follow the instructions provided. 

  1. Re-center the view by holding the home button down on the Right Touch controller until your view resets.
  2. Try a different location
  3. Reboot the headset
  4. Reset the Guardian
  5. Attempt a Factory reset with Cloud backup enabled.

Please keep us updated if there are any changes. We hope to hear back from you soon!


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Re-centering the view doesn't help.  No matter what view you have in the headset any screenshot or video will be that view but skewed to the left by 10~ degrees.  This happens in every app and even on the dashboard/menus.  The issues persists through a factory reset.  

I'm guessing the headset uses some kind of accelerometer data to determine what is level (to the earth), and that data is used to determine what subsection of your viewable image it's going to use to create the screenshot/video.  My accelerometer reads consistently wrong in the same direction.  It's not really noticeable when you're playing games, but the moment you look at a screenshot or video it's very obvious.  Once you see it you will start to notice things in game that are in a fixed position also being slightly skewed in that direction.  

If my hypothesis is correct about this being caused by a defective or uncalibrated accelerometer, maybe Meta could add some kind of hidden function to attempt to calibrate a misbehaving accelerometer.  Given that mine seems to be consistent with how it's misreading makes me think this headset might have been salvageable.  

I opened a ticket with Meta support and it looks like I'll be sending my headset back.  I'm posting this for anyone searching in the future who might be looking for a solution.  For anyone that finds this post in the future because you have the same problem, don't worry, you're not stupid or crazy, the headset just has a minor problem.  At this time there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it other than open a warranty claim.   

We appreciate you giving those steps a try, @Jory! Moving forward, we'd like to get a better idea of the specifics of how tilted the view is in your captured media. Please clarify the following details when you get a chance and we can continue from there: 

  • Does this issue happen when taking screenshots/videos on all the games or just a specific one? Does this issue happen in the home environment? 
  • Has your captured media ever been centered in the past? When did this issue begin? 
  • Have you tried a different play environment to see if there is any change? 
  • When factory resetting your headset, was this done through the Meta Quest mobile app or from the headset itself? 
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It happens everywhere, in all apps and menus, in different boundaries, through a factory reset.  I went back to the first screenshots and videos I took on the device and they're all like that too, so it came out of the box with this issue.  

No captured media has ever been centered on my new Quest 3.  The device is only a few days old and I noticed it on the second day when I captured a video and tried to use it for something.  I thought I did something wrong so I did another video the next day and it was the same.  I reset my camera settings and no change.  I tried different camera settings and it's still the same.  I never had this issue with the Quest 2 I upgraded from.  If I take a video or screenshot on my Quest 2 it's whatever I'm looking at cropped in a bit, like it's the same always.  On the Quest 3 what it captures is exactly what I'm looking at titled 10~ degrees always.   

I have tried a different play environment.  It happens everywhere all the time no matter what.  I can go into passthrough mode and find a flat surface to level my head against, then go into a game and find another straight line, then take a screenshot of that straight line, and the resulting image is that scene skewed 10~ degrees.  It's not my centering, it's no settings, it's nothing I'm doing.  It simply records screenshots and videos slightly off level.    

When I did the factory reset it was done from the headset by holding down the volume down button and power at the same time and navigating to factory reset from the boot menu.    

I can show you screenshots from the menus or any game and you'll see they'll all tilted the same way.  

We really appreciate you letting us know those details, and we'd like to do our best to make sure the view captured in your Quest 3 evens out! Next, could you please check to make sure your headset is updated to the latest software version per these steps? From there, go ahead and try a hard reboot to your headset:

  1. Turn off your headset.
  2. Firmly hold the power and volume down (-) buttons on your headset simultaneously for about a minute, or until the boot screen loads on your headset.
  3. Use the volume buttons on your headset to highlight 'Boot device' and press the power button to complete that.
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Hello, hello, @Jory! We're checking back in to see if you still needed assistance with that tilted view you're reporting with captured media on your headset. If so, please don't hesitate to get back to us with those results from our last post for reference. We'll be glad to continue from there!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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