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Another new user unable to add payment method to account - Very poor experience

Honored Guest

For the past 3-4 hours I have been unsuccessful in adding a payment method to my account.

I have read through all the posts on here regarding so call fixes or requirements and still nothing. Trying to add a card or PayPal account just returns an error. I have tried 4 different bank cards and nothing works.

I have managed to add 1 card but that only registered to the Meta account, not the Quest account.

Why are you making it so difficult?

I'm seriously considering returning this product now, I have seen posts regarding this from 2 years ago and yet nothing appears to have been fixed, you just keep rolling out the exact same responses over and over.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @beardylonghair.13! We hate to hear that you are running into issues trying to setup a payment method. We also appreciate you letting us know the troubleshooting efforts you've tried. We are going to suggest a few more that may also help. Please get back to us after you give these a try.


  1. Try to add a payment method to the account from the Meta Quest mobile app
    1. If not successful via the App, try by logging into the Meta account website and navigating to Other Settings > Payment Methods.
    2. If not successful, try using a different browser.
  2. Try adding the payment method from another device completely (another computer, phone, or tablet.)
  3. Try adding the payment method from within virtual reality by using the headset.
  4. Try adding the payment method while connected to a different network (another Wi-Fi network or a cellular data connection on a phone, if available).
    • Some non-residential networks may cause this issue. (for example, business, public, government, military, etc.)
    • Certain network security settings may cause this issue, even on residential networks for example, antivirus, firewall, proxy, router-specific settings).
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Ahh I see you copied and pasted the same generic reply that all the others got who complained of this issue. I also received the same reply from your support chat. Obviously neither of you bothered to read the part of my post that said I have already exhausted all workarounds on here before I made the post. That includes everything you have wrote in your reply.

There is obviously an issue with the payment system you use, yet nobody wants to admit or try to fix it. There are no issues with my cards, or banks or with any of the devices or browsers or anything else I have tried because they work perfectly fine with every other payment or service I use.

If you fail on the first day user experience, then I see no reason to believe things will get any better in the future.

I'm sorry but you need to listen to feedback and stop blaming users. What started as a exciting morning turned into a 24 hour nightmare of going round in circles.

I will be returning the headset and will find my VR experience elsewhere.

Hey, beardylonghair.13! We understand your frustration; we only ask if you'd tried these troubleshooting steps or ask for you to re-attempt them just to make sure that we both didn't miss a troubleshooting step that would've resolved your issue. We do appreciate your continued patience, and we would like to invite you to private message us so that we can continue to figure this out and get this issue resolved. Due to our needing some personal account information from you, we do not want to post it on the internet. 


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello again, @beardylonghair.13. We are hoping things have resolved on their own, but we are still here if you need assistance. We look forward to your private message. Talk soon!

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