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Anyone able to connect flash drive to Oculus and play videos in VR mode?

Level 2

Hi guys!

I bought a very small 512gb flash memory in NTFS format. I plugged it into my head with Type-C converter.

Then I can see the files thanks to the application named "JS USB OTG". But when I say open videos, File Explorers that I have installed as opening options appear. I need an app that will open me in VR mode. Anyone tried this before?

512gb512gb512gb + type c converter512gb + type c converter

Level 6

I briefly tried it with a flash drive. An OTG checker said the Quest 2 was capable so I just plugged the flash drive in. The headset seemed to recognize a something was plugged in and I could see the files on the drive with ES File Explorer. But as you say I was unable to open VR files in a VR player (Skybox, Pigasus, DeoVR, Play'a, Moon VR).

I gave up after a few tries and deleted the apps and APKs from the headset.

If anyone knows a solution I would be interested as well.

i am searching still! ahhh bro