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Anyone else seeing terrible lens glare like glasses without anti-reflective coating?


I just returned the Quest 3 twice, thinking the first one was defective. If you try and watch a movie in the Netflix app, Amazon Prime app, or on BigscreenVR -- or any bright environment,  do you also see terrible light reflections/glare?  It's worst than the god rays ever were on the Quest 2. Also, the pass-through was grainy on both headsets, so the first headset wasn't defective, it was just not very good. I think I might be reverting back to my Quest 2.


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I want to be sure this gets resolved for everyone as quickly as possible, so I would recommend reaching out to @MetaQuestSupport through PM or a support ticket

This way they're able to look into any available options they may have.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

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I personally haven't had a problem with the rays or reflections. The pass-through though is definitely grainier than how they showed it. But it is still better than the quest 2, in my opinion. my main problem is the battery life with the Quest 3 as it only lasts an hour, and that's with it being plugged into my PC while using it. I'll go from 100% to 50% in over half the time quest 2 did, meaning I get much less play time.


I appreciate your feedback and experience on your headset.  Have you tried BigscreenVR or Prime movies?  That's where the glare is really bad.  I had to go back to watching movies on my Quest 2 because the Quest 3 glare was really distracting.

Admittedly, I have not. But I did try the YouTube VR and had no problems, at least on my end. Do you wear glasses while playing? 

Thanks for sharing your experience!  I don't wear glasses, so the glare is coming directly off the Quest 3 lenses.  I'm researching and seeing that a lot of sensitive people are also seeing glare.   Lots of people who wear glasses are not sensitive or are bothered by glare -- those that are need anti-reflective lenses.

When you tried YouTube VR, the resolution of the video was great? I have a problem with quest 3, yt VR app and vr videos running on the meta browser looks incredibly awful, it's like 144p even the resolution is set to 1080 or 4K, and i know it's not a connectivity problem.

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I see the glare. I thought it was on my side of the lenses so I tried cleaning them with an eyeglass cloth.

nope. Maybe the lens back side needs cleaning?!

most noticeable in Alyx on the Loading screen which is all black with white text and the text has a reflection below it from the lenses.



Same problem. Going to return it most likely and go back to quest 2 till something comes out with a decent oled screen.

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It sucks. Horrible watching Netflix or prime. I thought it was fogging up but wiping the lens did not help. Had a oculus go, quest 1 and quest 2 and this never happened before

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Wow, I believed I was the only one with this issue. I have noticed that when watching a movie or any event the glare from a lighter area looks like a fog bank. I wear glasses and have used the Quest 2 and now the Quest 3. The Quest 2 has never had any optics issue, but the Quest 3 looks like my glasses are fogging up. I realized now after the internet has commented it is not fogging my glasses that is the issue. It is the Quest 3 itself. This is a massive fail from my point of view (no pun). I had such high expectations but also held reservations as no product is ever perfect. But, this being the very point the headset exists (its optics) is a great letdown. So sad and disappointed about the loss of opportunity. I just do not see how working with this fog like glare is going to work. Sadly I may just return them unless someone can point out a fix.

UPDATE: I have noticed that the glare is with or without glasses. The glare is not only when software running within but also from passthrough. If there is bright location anywhere the glare forms on lenses and seems to bounce creating what looks to be a fog. I moved headset around looking through with and without glasses. The same effect is produced with bright areas.

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