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App is on sale when I'm logged out, but isn't when I log in

Level 3

All app on sale price change when log in became normal price (no discount) .when log out price change became on sale again.

Only Bundle sale app price on sale when login

Problem happen this week


All Web Browser PC Android ,Oculus android App ,Oculus Quest 2 when log in account have same problem.


Today Dogfight Elite price free

check upper right show account not log in

not log in.jpg


but when account log in.

Price app bacame normal price

Log in.jpg


Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I noticed this has been going on for a while so I looked into it and wanted to chime in. I'll answer what I can to my best understanding.

Firstly, discounts/sales are a dynamic thing with Meta. They will vary month by month, user by user, and even region by region. The reason the prices fluctuate after log in is because the store now actually knows your location and is showing discounts specific to you or your region.


Second, if you already own a game in the bundle you want to buy, the store automatically adjusts your price based on your ownership of one of the games. Most of the time, to be eligible for full discounts, you would need to purchase the bundle without owning any of the games in there but again, the store already adjusts the price for you.


Lastly, I noticed you created more accounts. Remember that you cannot gift someone a bundle so this is in no way a workaround. Even if it did work, you would be sending someone a game they already own in this case. Not to mention creating multiple accounts is against the Terms of Service.


I hope this helped clear things up for everyone. I understand it can be a bit confusing and I'm more than happy to help clarify anything to the best of my ability.

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Level 3


Level 2

This is happening to me too - really annoying! Is it since switching from a Facebook account?



Level 3

I create new account check what different


main account

game first page not show new game on sale, daily deal , bundle game

PrtScr capture.jpg

new account

show new game on sale, daily deal , bundle game




main account

don't have bundle game on sale

PrtScr capture_6.jpg


new account

have bundle game on sale [show Included In]

PrtScr capture_5.jpg



PrtScr capture_7.jpg

PrtScr capture.jpg

Level 2

This is happening to me since the update as well and support won't respond to my reports.  I still login with Facebook account but can only access sale prices when logged out.  On the app I've noticed some free apps showing with the $ currency but paid apps in correct UK currency so was thinking there may be a regional issue in that our accounts aren't fully linked to our correct region for us to access sales. Has anyone tried a factory reset yet?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We see you're having issues making a purchase. This isn't the experience we want for our customers and will be happy to help.


To better explain the issue you're encountering - this is currently a known issue with discount codes, where when you reach the step to confirm the payment with your bank it is showing the full price instead of the discounted price. However, the discount will still apply if you make the purchase!


Feel free to try that and let us know if it works!

Hi again! We just wanted to check back in and see if you still needed our help at all here, or if the purchase on your account ended up reflecting the correct discounted amount. Let us know if you need any further assistance, we're here for you!

Level 3

This week don't have game on sale want to buy .

wait for next week.

Thank you for getting back to us! We like to fix this for you. We need to gather some personal details on the account so we like to invite you to directly message us. 


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.