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App sharing is not working with v54 or v55

Heroic Explorer

Since a recent update (this morning I believe?) the apps do not show up in the shared accounts app list. You can search the apps in the store, they will say “shared” and display a “view in library” button, but when you click it, it leads to an empty space. SharedApps are basically missing in the shared account list. 

Restarting headset doesn’t fix the issue.


As we all know good and well from before, removing a shared account is never the answer. Just leads to re adding them, going through the whole headset on and off process, log into app, headset on and off a few more times, then you are faced with the same issue. 


Hopefully a hotfix or some obscure solution pops up, but my guess is shared accounts are going to be without shared apps until the next update. 

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I am having this issue again on my newly purchased Quest 3. It worked initially. My kids were able to play multiplayer for a few days. But today, when I switched to the secondary account, all apps disappeared. Same story. The store page says the app is already purchased on this device and being shared, but library is empty.

Honored Guest

I have a quest 3 and it's on version 57 but still having the same problem. When will this be fixed. I've spent way too much money on these quests to have this problem.