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Apparent Memory Leak?

Level 3
Hello, since updating my software yesterday (I've been away for a while so I'm not sure when the actual update was) I've been having problems with my PC, both in and out of using my Rift. A Norton power eraser scan identified the software as a problem but I wrongly assumed it was nothing to worry about. Having gone through my tasks to try and find the problem I've identified what seems to be a memory leak caused by the process OVRServer_x64.exe 262766-public TCID:1304713 but readily admit that I'm no expert on dealing with problems like this.
Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I've submitted a ticket for this problem but thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has the same issue.

Level 9
Why are you using Norton? Any amount of research would tell you to uninstall that crap 5 min ago,

Level 2
I have this issue as well. In Task Manager you should be able to show a column for "Handles". This number steadily increases into the hundreds of thousands (until your "committed" memory fills up).

I have found a reinstall of the software stops the issue for a short while, but then it returns. I don't have anything other than Windows Defender. Windows 10 x64. - Some screenshots.