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Are all Apple Magic Keyboard versions supported for keyboard tracking?

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Hi there!

As there are a wide variety of Apple Magic keyboards (ranging from compact to full size with numpad), does know if they're all supported? I'd prefer to pick up a full size one, however all demonstrations I've seen only have the compact version, and there doesn't seem to be any literature covering this.



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To anyone who read my reply,.please add a KUDO to the top post from warwtay if liké me you want to know if all Magic keyboard are supported in v37 update !


Is this feature restricted to the compact model only or does it also work with the larger one with a numeric pad ?


I don't know about the Apple keyboards, but I have a Logitech MX Keys keyboard paired. Using either Bluetooth to pair it to the device, or the USB receiver (through a dock), the Numpad does not work. Even the Enter key on the Numpad doesn't work as an Enter key should, instead it wipes out a highlighted URL or something instead... kinda strange.


I hope this might help answer a few questions for some users.  I have tried both an Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard A1314 and an Apple Wired Extended Keyboard A1243 (both UK layout).  Both keyboards showed an tracked image in Workrooms and both keyboards worked.  However, the extended keyboard only actually shows the as the compact keyboard so none of the function keys show or work and none of the extended section of the keyboard show or work either.  With the differences in the bottom row of the keyboards having a slightly different layout (due to the cursors being separated on the extended version) it could lead to a little confusion if users aren't prepared for it.   I have also noticed that the both keyboards actually display as the Magic Keyboard Version 2 layout (slightly different cursor arrangement to the version 1 keyboards I own) but it's close enough that for basic use, it makes very little difference.


@Dr.Cecil  The cutting off of the extended portion of the keyboard, I thought this may be the reason that the MX keys numeric keypad section doesn't work.  Although I don't intend to use it in VR, after reading your post, I thought I may as well try and help out, so I tried my Logi Craft keyboard which is basically the same as the MX keyboard (with the exception of the smart dial).  Although visual tracking does not work with the keyboard and so far isn't claimed as functional, the keyboard usage was the same as the Apple keyboards with none of the extended section appearing to function at all.


With regard to the two enter keys having different functionality, the physical keypress and label doesn't necessarily indicate the output to the operating system, the keys are essentially an interface.  Each key has a reference and the easiest way to explain it (although not strictly accurate, the principle works the same way).  The microprocessor in the keyboard basically translates the signal of the keypress to an output code for interpretation by the OS.  Hence, in Windows an app like HID MACRO can remap the keys for different uses etc.  With the MX keys, some windows users had an issue with the NumPad Enter key acting as the Windows key when used, the Options software can be used to setup and reset the MX keys if you are experiencing issues.  Recently the option to lock the keyboard to a Windows layout has also been made available in the Logitech Options program.


I suspect (but can't say for sure) that the extended keys have not yet been included as part of the interface programming.  No clue if it will be added at a later date or not .... time will tell.


Please note that these are only my findings from a few quick tests with the keyboards I own personally and any opinions are my own based upon the findings and may not necessarily indicate the production or development intent.


I hope this has helped at least a couple of people out a little. 


Sorry for the necro thread, but I just faced this issue now that I am trying It and searched for a solution.

SO my findings are:
- It can track a variety of Apple Magic Keyboards, but not all of them. For the one with Numeric Keypad, It tracks only the US Layout (mine is European ISO - UK). And Also, It just tracks the White colour. Mine is black. And I gotta tell you that gets in the way of orienting yourself while typing... while you can see the keyboard as white, if your keyboard is the black one (Space Gray), when your hands get close to the keyboard it creates a dark halo that really gets in your way of typing properly, because this halo is a halo of passthrough to your black keyboard, making It really disorienting with the White render.

Changing to the Macbook Pro tracking. It worked fine, and I could select the european layout (so why couldnt I have the one with Numeric Keypad?). So to sue It with my Macbook pro, It worked really well, but to use It with my Desktop Setup, It sucked. Meta needs to add the Space Gray Magic Keyboard (with Numeric Keypad) with European Layout.

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