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Are new Quest Pro controllers supposed to look like this?

Level 2


I just received a Quest Pro today from Amazon sold and shipped by Amazon and the box was in plastic with an intact pull tab. This is how both controllers looked right out of the box. Like they had some kind of residue on them. Each had a partial X shape as well. What is this and is this expected? 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @WestX64! That isn't the condition you should be receiving new controllers in, and I totally understand the concern! Since you got them from Amazon, I would recommend trying to work with Amazon first to figure out what steps to take to get this figured out. 

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Thank you for that confirmation. I will work with Amazon to get a replacement Quest Pro and see if the replacement arrives in better condition. If not then I guess I'll return that one too and try purchasing through a different store. I made a similar post on the r/QuestPro subreddit and half of the people there say theirs looked the same and half say theirs did not look like this. Seems as though it may be a common issue. 

I think that sounds like a great plan, and thanks for the info. Hopefully you can get this all sorted out!

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Hi BlueberrieSmoothie,

I've purchased 3 Quest Pros, they were all brand new, intact seals etc and all the controllers had this "X" mark on the grips.

It wipes off incredibly easy, in fact after first time holding the controllers it basically all comes off and looks normal. A lot of people on Reddit are reporting the same marks were on theirs.

Should I be concerned about my Quest Pros because they arrived like this? Is there no official explanation why so many have these exact same marks? It must be from manufacturing right?

Level 2

Just wanted to post an update here. The left controller started experiencing a lot of stick drift only a couple days after opening. So I have ordered a new Quest Pro from Amazon and will be returning the original after it gets here. 

I haven't actually gotten a Quest Pro myself, but if they seem to be working okay I would honestly think it could be dust which shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

If they came in and there does seem to be issues with them, I'd recommend reaching out to where it was purchased. If it was through us, please don't hesitate to hit up the team. If it was through Amazon or somewhere else, I'd recommend asking to swap it out for a different one. 

They seem fine so far. It's just interesting why so many people have the exact same marks where others don't. 

Either way, I've got a dead pixel on my Quest Pro from Amazon UK and they won't do exchanges - only refunds, but the kicker is that the Quest Pro is limited to one purchase per customer. So I'm not able to buy a replacement after they refund. Seems daft.

In all honesty, you could buy it from the official store as well. However if you'd like to continue through Amazon, I would recommend their live chat function. I'm sure they'd be happy to figure something out.


Wanted to provide another update here. Decided not to get a replacement from Amazon and instead just returned the original to Amazon. Then swung by BestBuy and picked up a Quest Pro there. The one from BestBuy had the same residue and markings on the controllers out of the box but only about half as bad. Going to give them a shot to see if they end up having the same issues with stick drift.