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Arizona Sunshine not showing up in library

Level 3
I bought Arizona Sunshine from humble bundle and got a oculus code...which I redeemed. It is not showing up in my library and does not appear in purchase history either. Whats going on?

Level 2
Is this on Quest?  Apparently it releases 5th December (Today!) it was on as a pre-order when you bought it.  It's still showing as pre-order in the library though so not sure when it will release!

Level 3
No I bought it for rift. I only have the quest but I also got a quest link compatible..cord, which will allow me to play it once it gets delivered. I used the code but its showing as already redeemed...yet it is not in my library for any headset whatsoever

Level 2
I'm having this same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

Not applicable
i have the game on the quest but it makes me repaie for it on riff