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Asus P8B75-M usb 3.0 ports?

Level 13
I'm still waiting on a video card to use this rift with.  I have an Asus P8B75-M Motherboard and I updated to the last bios they made for it which was dated 8/6/2014.  The Oculus compatibility tool says I am compliant on USB 3.0 but I think it's a weak program just checking registry files since you can trick it by changing a registry entry so the incompatible CPU warnings can be hidden.  As though there's some master list and a lot of perfectly good processors were not put on that list.  I don't want to change registry entries because I use much more than games on this machine.

So is it doing something similar with USB?  Is it simply looking for a USB port nevermind if it is actually compatible?  Should I purchase the add on USB 3.0 board that Oculus suggests?  Does anyone here have this motherboard and using the USB ports there?

One more question, there seems to be a bunch of problems with USB 3.0 and the 1.7 update.  Is USB 3.0 absolutely necessary or is it listed as required because most newer machines only have 3.0 ports?  Or does it actually use all the additional bandwidth of a 3.0 port?  I see suggestions to just switch the sensor to a 2.0 port because of disconnects that won't stop.